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2.55 - "Solid" 

Taken in a old school, after it was used by the Nazi in 1940-1945 for experimenting on disabled children. The atmosphere was a kind of spooky, you could feel their souls. May they all Rest In Peace.

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You took great shot but there's is lack of human element in this shot person sitting on that chair standing next to the wall then it can more beautiful and meaningful

Thank you Prince Lakra for your comment. The reason there is no one on that chair has a reason. Actually two. First of all it isn't appropriate. It is like a selfie in Auschwitz. Second for me personally this picture say what it needs to say. No one should sit on that chair. But thank you for the comment again

I agree with Prince that the human touch would finish the story... Otherwise I love the lighting

Thanks Tim, I explained why in the comment above. The lightning was indeed beautiful. A bit overexposed by the window. First camera and I believe I only did photography 6 months.

By seeing you are photography for just 6months if I'm right? You doing a great job I'm Photography form 3years and still not that good in story telling

Thank you Prince Lakra. I have a long way to go. So that's why I like to learn. I don't have a set up or easy acces to models and light sources. So I have to work with natural light and editing. But I really can enjoy it.

The image does NOT need a person. That would kill the mood. It is a torn room with no occupancy because of the horrors of its past. Very moody as is.

Thank you Ryan. We share the same vision. I understand that ppl in a image would help for storytelling. And maybe I know the story, so it would be easier. In my case, my youngest son is disabled. I was wondering what this place would do to me. Tnx for your time to comment.