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3.18 - "Solid" 

While it’s not a traditional storm, I live in Northern California with frequent and massive wildfires, and locals refer to them as ‘firestorms’. This image is a long exposure of a tree burning across the street from a row of homes that caught fire during this months firestorm in Sonoma county.

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Incredible, 4 stars, great concept, never seen anything like this before

Thank you :) I was very happy with how it came out because I’d never seen anything like it before either.

Man that was ballsy to stick around to photograph it. Epic photo! Hopefully you were not affected by the fires!

Thank you! I just started shooting for a local paper and a majority of the news in the area is about wildfires. And yes luckily my home was far from the fire!

This is a worthy 5-star pic. The story it tells is clear, the drama is real, and the balls it probably took to get the shot...I commend you sir. I hope your home was spared.

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. Luckily my home was miles from the fire, but there was over a hundred structures that burned in this fire and it’s an annual occurrence.

napa native here incredible photo just watched the critique and i had to come give another local a holler! its crazy how wild it is this is our reality even just this past week i cant smell someone barbecuing without thinking "uh oh!" stay safe, my friend