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2.15 - "Needs Work" 

"The Dinner Guest"

I was thinking how sometimes you have company over, or you are the company and things just feel a little uncomfortable.

I did discover while shooting this how difficult it is to be the photographer as well as the "model". 10-second built in timer. I really needed muscle memory to obtain the pose and avoid converging lines. I chose f/16 for the candle starburst.

Left to Right: I chose a candle to balance the wine bottle as well balancing the lighting, a clenched fist holding a knife is balances the other clenched fist holding a wine goblet and in between a single tomato centered on a dinner plate. The unopened wine bottle balances the five.

Front and Back: I chose a patterned quilt to add a sense of multitude of the situation, and the woven bamboo gives a sense of order to the complexity of the scene.

The Dinner Guest: I intentionally chose all dark clothes beginning with a dark shirt and tie then layered with an Outback duster, Outback hat. I completed the attire with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses because you are prevented from seeing into the soul of The Dinner Guest.

EOS R5 w/70-200mm f/2.8 L USM
f/16 ~ ISO ~ ISO 1600 ~ 95mm

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This is super creative and I really enjoy it. Good style, good editing, and great posing. Well done!

Thank you.

Photography is a hobby and I don't have your typical studio gear...just an open and creative mind.