Little Known Ways to Pose Male Subjects

You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to posing female subjects in your photographs. Working with males, on the other hand, can be a little more limiting, as a lot of the shapes which look great on the fairer sex don't always translate over so well. Use these key fundamentals when trying to get the best out of your male subjects even if they are not models.

The guys over at Mango Street are back once again to show how best to pose males in your work. If you're lucky enough to be shooting with an experienced model, you won't usually have to give them much direction; but if your male subject is new to the game or not a model at all, it's handy to understand a few concepts so you can direct them to success.

We see in the video how the jawline, hands, and posture can all be used to transform a pose dramatically. They explain how to shift weight and give the subject something to do with their hands, which really is a valuable lesson that, once grasped, we'll remain useful for the rest of your career. If you have any shoots coming up, it's well worth checking out what these guys have to say. I'd also consider sending it to your male subjects as homework!

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