The New Pageant Photography

When I think of pageant photography I often think of those glamor shot booths in the mall with the crazy hair, makeup, and horrendous props and backgrounds. Well times have changed and most young women competing in pageants around the world are taking much more fashion and beauty style portraits of themselves. In this video Justin Grant shows us what it's like shooting the images used by both the reigning Miss and Teen Miss Utah and Arizona. Watching this video really changed my perception of what "pageant photography" is and should look like! Be sure to check out Justin Grant's portfolio which features some really amazing advertising, fitness, and beauty images.

2011 Miss Arizona and Miss Utah from JG|ORI on Vimeo.

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Beach's picture

Justin's a strong shooter. Great stuff here. I'm surprised too that the pageant industry has changed to be accepting of photography that isn't so stuck in 1983. Jonathan Carter up in Myrtle Beach, SC is another example of this kind of up-to-date pageant photography..

Jimmy's picture

Nice video, I especially liked the B&W image, nice tones.

bizior's picture

Love it! It would be awesome if we can see some setup video, but hey - this is good already :)

Mark Mark's picture

Cool stuff, is it me or does she have a touch of Jane Seymour about her.

Sam's picture

I'm loving the strong highlights in Justin's photos. A lot of photographers shy away from that claiming it's too hot in certain areas.

Nate's picture

First off, I love the site and check it regularly. So please don't get me wrong here, but it seems to me the videos on have gone from "here's how i did this" to "look at what i did." Am I the only one who feels this way?

Mike Pianka's picture

@Nate I couldn't agree more.