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'RAGE' Is a Gritty and Captivating Video Depiction of Violence in America

"The idea for 'RAGE' was to show a build-up from a busy city that is packed with people into an outburst of anger, frustration, and violence, depicting a society that is spiraling out of control." Such is Tim Sessler's commentary on the current issues of gun control, race, and violence, a striking achievement with a unique filming style.

Sessler used an 800mm-equivalent lens on a RED CF Weapon 6K stabilized by a Freefly MōVI, pushing the gimbal to its limits with such a long focal length. It was shot in 2K widescreen at 300 fps, which he notes helps to combat any extra motion and also lends the film its unique look. The idea was to use the compression of the telephoto lens to induce a sense of anxiety and claustrophobia, but to use the unique eye-level perspective of the extreme focal length to give the sense of the camera being a passerby. The shoot took place in Brooklyn and Manhattan and aimed to maintain a genuine air even in the staged shots by adopting a loose filming and acting style. I personally find the film captivating, and it certainly provokes the type of thought I suspect Sessler intended it to. 

Be sure to follow Sessler on Vimeo and check out his site.

[via ISO 1200]


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As I was watching that I kept thinking to myself, I wonder what it looks like in forward motion and at normal speed. Great way to end the film! Beautifully shot and edited.