Blending Sky and Foreground for Minimalist Landscapes

The horizon element in an image can be used in a variety of ways to accentuate a scene, whether it's a dramatic sunset or a glorious sunrise. But have you ever thought of removing them to create fine art minimalist photos?

Horizon, in technical terms, is the area where the surface of the earth meets the sky, or, put simply, horizon is the straight line you see across an image. In photography, this element can be used to subconsciously provide a visual cue but can also largely interfere when you intend to produce minimalist landscape images. Depending on the desired output, you can edit the scene to blend the horizon with the foreground to create a more minimalist scene that puts more focus on the subject. This is usually seen in seascape photos to add more drama or separation between the sky (background) and the subject (middle-ground/foreground).

So, the common question that gets asked is: how do you blend the sky and the foreground in post-processing to get that dramatic and mystical effect? In this short video, you will learn how to achieve this effect in Adobe Lightroom using a very unlikely tool: the graduated filter. If you want to achieve the same effect, watch the whole video and get your post-processing started.

Marvin Grey's picture

Marvin Grey is a multi-award-winning Fine Art Landscape and Architecture photographer from the Philippines. Some of his works have been exhibited and published in several publications since 2019.

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