Food Tutorial Videos Shot in the Style of Famous Directors

Food Tutorial Videos Shot in the Style of Famous Directors

Here we have food tutorial videos inspired by Wes Anderson of "The Grand Budapest Hotel", Quentin Tarantino of "Kill Bill", Alfonso Cuarón of "Children of Men" and "Gravity", and Michael Bay who gave us "Transformers" and "Armageddon". Take yourself out of your regular industry and client mindset and envision yourself in another niche, shooting something you wouldn't normally do. How would you make a food tutorial? How can you use your influences and own unique style to make a video about something different to your usual niche?

The reason I ask is that it's a good way to get the mind free from the regular and for you to explore new ideas. For me, this is where new ideas are born, where the dots connect. Food videographer decided it was time to see what common food tutorials might look like if they had been made by famous directors.

When watching them, the visual nature and the audio used certainly shows each director's way of conveying information. Colors used in the Quentin Tarantino film is also referencing the suits worn by The Bride, Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill". The symmetry and camera panning style of Wes Anderson as well as his pastel color range is showcased too in a way similar to "The Grand Budapest Hotel".

If you were the director, what food would you show, and how would you convey it? If you decide to have a go at this, make sure to leave a link to your video in the comments.

[via wmagazine]

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Edit: wrong reference regarding Cuaron. Didn't know he also directed "Gravity". But even then the pancakes piece is pretty poor.

L O V E D the spaghetti and the waffles. The smores and the pancakes, weren't my favorites (except the video of the syrup flying)