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The 'Selfie Latte' Made This Small Coffee Chain Go Viral

Welcome to the instant-generation: a generation that loves taking Selfies and also taking Instagram photos of the food they or their friends are having that same moment, and of course share it right away on Social Media. 'Let’s Café', a small coffee chain from Taiwan, decided to take advantage of the love of selfies and cell-food photography and created this smart Coffee machine that made them go viral on Social Media and grow their business. Here is the coffee version of Snapchat.

'Let’s Café' built a special Cappuccino machine that other than making a great coffee, it can also do foam art. Not the foam art we all grew to love like a shape of a heart, a face of a cat or just a sunshine. They went big: their machines can print selfies on the foam. All you have to do is upload a selfie using their app, and few seconds later their coffee machine prints it on the foam using a brown edible powder.


The idea is simple: They knew people like coffee. They also knew people like selfies. And they also knew people will be excited to see themselves on their coffee and will want to share it with all their friends. This is a great example of how you make a creative and unique viral campaign.

[Via Huffington Post]

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Tyler Burns's picture

Great idea, but they couldn't spare $40 to license the song from Premium Beat?

Yousif Sadik's picture

I recognized it from Digital Rev :P

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Simon's picture

Let's Cafe... taking narcissism to a whole new level.

Vickie Siculiano's picture

How cool is that? What a great effort for food marketing - not only that - but for any marketing where you might want to show the employees - the face of the business!

AmericanPatriotLady's picture

Wow! Brilliant idea! Entrepreneurship strikes again! Love it!