7 Hidden Features in the Fujifilm X100VI

The new Fujifilm X100VI is going to be a best-seller, that's for sure. But despite how popular modern cameras can become, there are still plenty of features that aren't common knowledge, and the X100VI is no exception.

Fujifilm just seems to be hitting the nail on the head with their APS-C cameras lately. The Fujifilm X100V, particularly the beautiful black and silver colorway, has seen demand that I cannot remember ever seeing before. Every influencer, photography or not, seemed to have one, and getting hold of a brand new one bordered the impossible as result. In fact, I was interested in getting one and despite being in the Fujifilm VIP program, I still couldn't get my hands on the X100V. I even had friends calling me asking where they could find one, and I had to disappoint them.

Now the X100-series has its fifth iteration, the X100VI (which also has a beautiful black and silver version), and it's starting to land in hands as you read this. That said, you might have to act fast because B&H not only gives me a warning that the lead time for delivery will far exceed the usual turnaround, but that they won't ship to the U.K. either.

Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to snag an X100VI, here are some hidden features you might want to know about!

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