Adorama Shows Pricing of Unannounced Canon 6D

Adorama Shows Pricing of Unannounced Canon 6D

Whoopsie. Looks like Adorama is getting ready and might have put just a little too much out there before launch. They even allowed it to be preordered for a time, Canon Rumors is reporting. It looks like we should see an official announcement tonight, but until then the pricing was leaked, and it's more than we were expecting at $2099 US retail.


The listing also reveals some of what we were expecting, with the 20 megapixel full frame sensor. Check back tonight/tomorrow for more information as we prepare for the official release from Canon.

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Matthew Guss's picture

5D MK2: $1,899
6D: $2,099
According to 6D's rumored specs, Canon-Fail

But a few months from now when the price drops to around $1,500 - $1,700 for the 6D, it may be a great deal, assuming the 5D MK2's on the used market aren't a total steal by then.

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I think people are forgetting how old the Mk II (and other previous cameras) really are. The difference between generations is night and day... I wouldn't expect this to be an exception....

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Whatever, I still have a 40D as my backup body and it's perfectly fine...most dSLRs are leaps and bonds ahead of what most photographers need, only pixel-peepers can justify Canon's recent price-hikes.

The specs on the 6D seem fine (with the exception of the sync-speed...kind of weird if you ask me), the only issue is price.  Canon simply needs an entry level FF studio-photographers camera that is the equivalent of the 7D being an entry level sports-photographer camera.  Thus, the 7D and 6D should be priced similarly.

Instead Canon has made the 5D more expensive (i.e. MK3) , and is releasing a dumbed-down 5D (as the 6D) for a similar price-point as the 5D MK2 originally was.

The thing is Canon has recently been raising prices that don't match the quality being produced (in comparison to past models) and is also releasing odd-products that don't fit a market:

- EOS-M: who is the target market???...I honestly don't know (Fuji XE-1, now that makes sense)
- 24-70 II: $2,300...boring waste of money
- 40mm f/2.8: neat on a mirrorless, pointless on a big SLR
- 24 & 28 f/2.8 IS: 24 & 28...need I say more ;)
The thing is the economy is horrible, and the US dollar is significantly worth-much-less now then it use to be a few years back.  And while I understand Canon is trying to maintain the same profits by thus raising prices (plus that had a natural disaster back in Japan), they have to also realize their consumers likewise are hurting (we use the same US dollar).

Essentially canon is saying, with your US dollars (that are not as valuable as when the 5D MK2 was first released) please by a weaker 6D, then a slightly older 5D MK2 with more options...the only argument one could possibly make is that the 6D sensor is better.  But from my experience, this is nonsense, and only speaks to real life business applications, the difference from a 5D MK2 sensor to a 6D sensor is going to be negligible at best.  You have to go with a MF sensor if you want to see reasonable gains via the naked eye at normal viewing / usage.