Aputure Launches Accent B7c: A Light Bulb for Filmmaking

There are a lot of lights out there for filmmakers, but I can't say I've seen anything quite like this before.

For the uninitiated, in videography, cinema, and filmmaking, lighting your subject is just part of the battle. The scene also needs to be lit very carefully, and there will be many "practical" lights, which are generally lights that look ordinary to the viewer, but seldom are in actuality.

A common example of this will be lamps in a scene. The issue is, there isn't a great deal you can do with them and they aren't really there as a light source per se. Aputure are looking at giving more control over this sort of practical lighting.

The Aputure Accent B7c is for all intents and purposes, a smart bulb for ordinary lights, but that gives you enormous degrees of creative control. At just $70, you get an RGB, LED bulb, with full color, intensity, and brightness control. It comes with its own battery which can last over an hour, though it works with AC too. You can control the bulb wirelessly from over 150 feet, and it comes with all the effects settings you'd see typically in Aputure's LED lights.

Another impressive and cost effective light from Aputure, who are fast becoming one of my favorite companies in the space.

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For $30 more I could grab another MC and they stick everywhere.

They hinted at a brighter bulb that's AC only in the future.
I'll wait for that since I don't need battery power.