Are We About to See This Insane Cameraphone?

Are We About to See This Insane Cameraphone?

A relatively new player in the smartphone arena may be setting the stage for a groundbreaking reveal, a device that promises to redefine expectations with its monumental battery capacity. This forthcoming model, dubbed the P28K promises mind-blowing battery life.

The Energizer brand, while a household name in the battery sector, might not be the first that comes to mind when thinking of smartphones. However, the company has dabbled in the smartphone market before, introducing a handful of models that have garnered attention for their unique features. The latest attempt, the Energizer P28K, is teased to continue this trend, focusing on what Energizer knows best: battery life.

The P28K is touted to have a gargantuan battery capacity of over 28,000 mAh, a figure that dwarfs the capacities of current smartphones on the market, which typically sit around 3,000-5,000 mAh. This capacity would likely power the phone for around a week of normal usage at a time. Such a large battery implies not only extended usage times but also suggests that the phone itself will have a substantial physical footprint, especially as it's rumored to be a rugged device designed to withstand harsh conditions. This aspect of its design hints at a larger overall size, similar to what has been observed with other rugged smartphones, which are known for their hefty builds to accommodate durable exteriors and large batteries.

Photographic capabilities seem to be another highlight of the P28K, with the device rumored to feature a 60 MP primary camera complemented by additional sensors of 20 MP each. The selfie camera is rumored to be 16 MP, ensuring that camera technology does not take a backseat to battery capacity. The smartphone's display is rumored to be a 6.78-inch Full HD screen.

Energizer is rumored to officially unveil the P28K at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February, an event that is keenly watched by technology enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. While demand for what will likely be a rather bulky phone might be a bit limited compared to more mainstream models, it's fantastic to see different approaches. Hopefully, we will hear more soon. 

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Thank you for writing this yourself, instead of linking to content about the phone that was already created by someone else.

Personally, I would love a larger, heftier phone. The screen size of today's most popular phones is far too small for enjoyable viewing and easy reading. And the battery life of even the best phones is pathetic. This model that you describe sounds like an upgrade to what I currently use, but at 6.78 inches, the screen still doesn't seem large enough, unless it is 3.5 inches wide at a minimum. Width is actually more important than length because most usage occurs with the phone held in a vertical position. A smartphone 7.0 inches long by 3.6 inches wide by 0.35 inches in thickness - with a full bleed screen - would be absolutely perfect!

Have you ever picked up a 20,000mAh power bank? I'd need a stronger belt to carry something like that around in my pocket.
FWIW, I play games and listen to podcasts a lot throughout the day while in transit, and when I go to bed my iPhone 14 Pro Max generally still has 50%-70% charge left. Pretty confident I could go two days without a charge.

Yes, I have a huge USB powerbank. When I go on fires (I work seasonally as a wildfire fighter), where there is often no way to plug anything in to charge, I carry it in my cargo pants pocket with my phone and the cable.

Size and weight don't bother me. As a photographer, I used a Sigma 300-800mm (12 pounds, plus body plus tripod plus Wimberley head) as my everyday lens for 8 years, and now I use a Sigma 60-600mm lens (6 pounds plus body plus tripod plus Wimberley head) as my everyday lens. No problems carrying the big heavy stuff around. In fact, I prefer it. Small and light is so overrated.

It's cool that your iPhone gives you two full days on one charge. But I would certainly want more than just two days. I get two days on each charge with my Motorola G Power (a model optimized for battery life. But I am not satisfied with that and want much better battery performance.

Also, here's something very important to consider - after 2 1/2 to 3 years of constant use, will your iPhone still give you two or three full days of constant use on one charge? I certainly can't afford to get new phone every 2 years, so whatever I get better have enough battery to still give a LOT of time on each charge, even after it is very old. I typically try to get 4 to 5 years out of each cell phone I buy. How long will I get on a charge after 3 years of constant use? After 4 years? Even your iPhone 14 will start to cheat you out of what you;'re entitled to after that amount of time. If a cell phone with a HUGE battery starts out with a week per charge when it is new, and falls off to 2 or 3 days per charge after 4 years of heavy use, I could live with that. It's not ideal, but at least it is borderline acceptable.

I'd rather just carry a power bank when I need it and top up the phone at night than be saddled with a super-heavy phone all the time, even when I don't need the extra capacity.

I understand what your preferences are. But it's about more than just the battery.

For me, looking at a regular size phone screen is a horrible experience. I would LOVE for phones to become bigger overall, so that viewing things on them and reading lots of long documents on them would be easier on the eyes and also more immersive (such as watching movies, football games, etc.).

For many of us, having a separate laptop or tablet in addition to our phone is not a viable option, so we want the viewing experience on our phones to be as amazing as possible.

That's why I have an iPad. Just upgraded from a 10.7" to a 12.9". Makes a great second display for my 14" MacBook Pro.

Maybe you'd like an iPad mini. My iPhone 14 Pro Max is the largest phone I could comfortably stuff into my pants' pockets. I haven't seen a folding phone I could tolerate for 5 seconds.

I would like an iPad, but only if I can use it in place of a phone, and use it EXACTLY the same way I use a phone. I mean I actually talk on the phone a lot, and I hate speaker phones, so I would insist on being able to hold the iPad up to my ear when doing phone calls, the way I hold cell phones or landline phones up to my ear. Are you sure they can work this way?

A few years ago, I looked into getting an iPad in addition to my cell phone. But the agent at my carrier (Verizon) said the only way I could be sure to have constant internet access would be to pay for cell service to the iPad, in addition to paying for cell service to my smart phone. No way no how! I'm poor so that would never work. And without cell service to the iPad, it would only be able to get online when I happen to be someplace where there's a WIFI signal ... and those times are very few and far between. I need to use data, not WIFI.

So that's why I would need to use an iPad in place of my phone, not in addition to my phone.

Also, would the iPad battery really last several days, even if I am continuously downloading and streaming content? I mean I average 13-17 hours of screen time each day, so that would really require one heck of a battery! Yes I realize how preposterous 17 hours of screen time is, as many people aren't even awake that much, yet three weeks ago that was my average. Yup, 119 hours online in one calendar week ..... that's one big reason why a HUGE battery is so important to me.

OK, so you want an iPad-size phone that fits in your pocket and has a 50kMah battery. I don't know of any such beast and wouldn't expect to see one on the market anytime soon, as it'd weigh several pounds and only fit in the cargo pocket of a field jacket.

I don't want a 50K mAh battery..... 20K would be sufficient, based on my experience with my 20K battery pack.

The only pants I ever wear are Wrangler Ripstop cargo pants. They have very large side pockets that easily hold both my 20K power bank and my smartphone, with a little room to spare. I mean the power bank could be one inch wider and a quarter inch thicker and still fit in there.

Those pants are the only ones I ever wear, except for when I am on duty as a firefighter and when I was in my brother's wedding 2 1/2 years ago, when I had to wear a suit for 5 hours. My approved Romex firefighting pants have equally large cargo-style pockets on both legs that also easily hold my 20K power bank and my smartphone. I have stocked up on these cargo pants with the very large pockets - I have enough new pairs stashed away to last me for the rest of my life (I am 55 and do not plan to live past 82). So I am assured of always having pockets that will easily hold a device that is the size that I want.

What I want is not ridiculous. At least for me it isn't. I have never shied away from large things that may also be heavy. I have never understood why most people place such value on things that are small and light. Bigger, heavier things can still be carried about, and it isn't even uncomfortable or inconvenient to carry them.

I know I will never have the products I want because most people have no interest in big heavy things, and manufacturers design things for the masses, not for the outliers like myself. I have used Apple iMacs with the 27" screen for years and years, and always longed for the day when Apple would finally make a 32" iMac, as the 27" screen has never been quite big enough for my tastes. Nut, lo and behold, they actually discontinued the 27" iMac and replaced it with 24" iMacs because most of their market prefers a bit smaller screen. Ugh.

Being different than most people comes with huge disadvantages, because I will never get exactly the products I most want.