Benro Announces New Video Monopods

Benro Announces New Video Monopods

Earlier this week at NAB, Benro extended its video product line by adding a Heavy Duty 3-leg folding base to the classic A38F and A48F models making them ideal for a variety of video shooters. Also new to the lineup are two twist lock versions giving the customer their choice of lock for both the S2 and S4 video monopods. The Benro monopods appear to compete directly with the popular Manfrotto video monopod.

Benro is advertising the new monopods as perfect for the "run and gun type" who need mobility when shooting a wedding, live event, news coverage or documentary. The Benro video monopod series provides solid support, flexibility and portability. Each monopod features a three leg base with pan cartridge for smooth and stable shots along with reverse folding legs for compact travel. Pairing the proper Video Head, Monopod and Travel Case, each Benro Video Monopod Kit is based on an eighth-generation design of single leg tubes and the option of flip lever or twist leg lock mechanisms.

"Offering exceptional rigidity and fluid action, so critical to smooth camera movement, these kits are available in a variety of sizes, using Aluminum Alloy legs in combination with strategically select cast and machined aluminum and magnesium alloy components."










Benro will have four versions available (flip lock and twist lock leg options at two sizes) ranging in an expected price range from $139 to $199 and are scheduled to be available by the beginning of May.

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I have both the Induro version and the Manfrotto version (because I misplaced the Induro!) The concept is great, but both the Manfrotto and Induro wire legs rattle inside the lowest shaft. The "foot" on them is also fairly spread out and spiky, so you need to watch it when you're running around. They also tend to get loose really quickly. This Benro version looks like it isn't as wide, and I like the way the legs fold up. The pivot seems like a great idea, too. I may pick one up (do I really need a third monopod!?!?).

Please get this so you can write up a comparison review of all 3 for the rest of us ;-)

I actually don't see the point of the's about the same cost of the Manfrotto 561DV that's pretty much the "standard" for what is used as a video monopod. I don't see anything super unique or that screams get this instead...

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The Benro is a little cheaper, but I see your point. I am getting a couple of these to review but I tend to avoid comparisons when I do reviews. I like to talk about the products on their own merit. However, I will see what I can do to make your decision easier.

the monopod is on B&H but not with the "base" yet... Wondering what the final price will be. It's not on their website yet :)

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I'm pretty confident with the price I listed in the article, but yeah it will be interesting to see B&H price. Might go even cheaper.

Let Bill McCarty review one...he's got the Induro and Manfrotto version to compare with :-)

I should point out that my Manfrotto version is the 682B paired with a 701 HDV head. The 561 is most similar to the Benro pictured above. It wouldn't be a fair comparison between the Benro and my Manfrotto 682B.