[BTS Video] A Tutorial On How To Make A Time Lapse Video

We've featured a lot of timelapse videos here on Fstoppers. And while they are really cool, very few videos have been made on how you can actually make one yourself. The guys over at Dynamic Perception, makers of the Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 Dolly Engine, have created a pretty thorough explanation of how to program dolly movements with long DSLR exposures. Many of the concepts in this video are useful no matter what electronic dolly you are using, and it really does a great job teaching some of the pitfalls you might have when calculating the timings required for both great photos and slick camera movements. Check out the second video below for a more basic introduction to timelapse, and head over to Dynamic Perception's site if you are interested in getting into this type of photography.

Shoot Move Shoot Basics

Intro To Timelapse

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Morts Lindholm's picture

Canon 7D with a Nikon lens... looks weird but do produce great results though! nice tutorials.. thanks for posting..

James's picture

Tittle is misleading .

What tripod is that?  Seem's like dual ballheads work well.