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The Canon EOS R5 Will Shoot 8K Internally With No Crop and With Dual Pixel Autofocus

The Canon EOS R5 Will Shoot 8K Internally With No Crop and With Dual Pixel Autofocus

The cripple hammer has loomed large in Canon’s recent history, but this announcement from the Japanese manufacturer might be a sign that things have changed. Some of the specifications for the EOS R5 have been confirmed and the excitement is palpable.

A press release that’s just been published states: “Achieving the ‘impossible’, Canon Inc. confirms the EOS R5’s video capabilities will far exceed that of competing cameras on the market.” The R5 will shoot 8K internally using the full width of the sensor at up to 30p. In addition, Canon's dual pixel autofocus will be available.

Richard Shepherd, Canon Europe’s Product Marketing Senior Manager, said: “We’ve seen speculation that the EOS R5’s specs are ‘impossible.’” He continues: “As an industry leader, we are challenging the market with this launch and showing what’s possible with our technology.”

This is certainly impressive, and once this significant news has sunk in a little, many will be asking: “Yes, but will it shoot 24p?”

The R5 has been slated for release in July but with coronavirus bringing disruption to many companies in Asia and beyond, it’s thought that there is a possibility that it will be pushed back until October.

As well as the 8K video, Canon is keen to remind customers that the R5 will shoot stills at 12 fps using its mechanical shutter and at 20 fps using the electronic shutter. In addition, the R5 will feature in-body stabilization, have the capacity to transfer files directly to Canon’s new cloud platform, and it will have dual card slots.

Is Canon about to release a game changer? Leave your thoughts below.

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Andy Day is a British photographer and writer living in France. He began photographing parkour in 2003 and has been doing weird things in the city and elsewhere ever since. He's addicted to climbing and owns a fairly useless dog. He has an MA in Sociology & Photography which often makes him ponder what all of this really means.

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People have called things impossible with Canon since the pricing rumors just before the release of the original 5D.
I am still amazed by the number of "specialists" who assume that manufacturers can't do things. We clearly have no clue what is going on in labs, research and what the real cost of production for phones or cameras are. All these companies are wealthy and in good shape despite the large drop of camera sales.

But that's why we have all the "expert" writes on this and other sites to tell us what is and isn't possible. :)

That too but for the most part I was thinking about visitors rather than writers.

This is a good sign that Canon's got an entirely new generation of sensor and probably processor in this bad boy. The fact they couldn't do full-frame 4K, 4K with DPAF, or IBIS suggests both heat problems and processing speed problems, both indicitive of older chip technologies. Even if you don't care about video, this may well be reflected in better DR, faster and more capable AF, and of course, IBIS.

Please be DR..

Do we know what media it uses? XQD/CFe? CFast 2.0?

They use CFexpress in the new 1DX III. CFexpress is backwards compatible with XQD, though CFe cards are way faster. Nikon updated the Z6/Z7 and D850/D5 to be able to use CFe cards, but I think if it's a native CFe slot, it's already XQD compatible.

The 1DX Mark II used CFast 2.0 and CompactFlash, I think.

So they've used just about everything.

No, not XQD exclusively as far as I know. Highly doubt it. The 1DX Mark III might well be their first stills camera to use CFe, probably due to the insane buffer and the 5.5K raw video.

I have to use three as well. XQD for my Z6 (no reason for me to buy CFe cards right now), SD for several others, and CFast 2.0 for Blackmagic Pocket 4K (though I only have two of those as back-ups in case the external SSD fills up or fails or gets lost).

Really wish video camera makers like Blackmagic and Arri would move to XQD/CFe. XQD is just as fast as CFast 2.0 (and CFe way faster than both) and they're cheaper and I wouldn't have to have three card types.

I'm waiting for 64K. 8K isn't enough

May be not b&w, but you never know. However it could be that they won't do such thing as statement to stop people from switching to Sony. Who knows. I personally don't need 8k

Canon was only the the industry leader 30 years including the first 10 years of DSLR sensor tech. People need to stop speculating, just wait and see what happens. If Canon has leapfrogged last ten tech, it is also possible that Canon will hold little back to maintain their spot as the largest camera maker. I don't use Canon but I do root for them so competition remains high.

Canon rumor article also states, body, face, eye and animal eye detect.

But what kind of low bit rate codec..

On Canon’s EU website is that a riddle? 😀



D NEW R5(S aka 5) IS UR 5DS successor

Or it is just my imagination? 😂

Is it actual video or is it like Panasonic's "6k" mode where it's just still photos taken at 30 FPS?

"8K video capture capability will enable users to extract high-resolution still images from video footage as well as process 8K video into higher-quality 4K video"

Sounds like you can take 30FPS of 8k still images. Just like Panasonic's "6k" photo mode.

For those of you waiting for the catch, remember this is a whole new system for them with a ton of brand new lens that they want people to buy. The lens collection is usually why we don't switch camera companies. With mirrorless they don't have that loyalty because nobody has a ton of the new lens yet. So if they want people diving head first they need to come to play. Once everyone has all the new lens then they can stall and cripple cause they have you.

We'll see if sitting back letting Sony do all the hard work pays off. Won't take long for Canon and Nikon to catch up now that the path has been cleared.

Does anyone know if the R5 will have built-in GPS? For geotagging.

I'm far more interested on what the FullHD 120FPS would be like in terms of quality, AF performance, etc

Uncripple my eos r and add focus stacking onto the firmware like the rp

Does this obsolete Magic Lantern, or will they unlock the hidden 32K ?

I wonder if it will record 6K movies?