Canon Releases Footage To Show Its New Camera Shooting At 4,560,000 ISO

Canon Releases Footage To Show Its New Camera Shooting At 4,560,000 ISO

A while ago we reported that Canon has come out with a new camera geared towards shooting at extremely high ISO. The new ME20F-SH from Canon can shoot in full HD at over 4,000,000 ISO. Now Canon Japan has released some promotional footage to show us what we can expect from this new camera and these new possibilities.

It is quite incredible what this camera can achieve. Although the footage at 4,560,000 ISO is expectedly noisy it still blows your mind to think that the sensor is effectively turning a pitch black source into something recognizable without any infrared assistance. Dropping the ISO to the 100,000 ISO range produces a rather pleasing and completely usable image.

This new camera really pushes the boundaries of what sensors are capable of recording and given enough time these will surely become standard specs on consumer products. At the moment however this is a very niche product, and although it is slated for release this coming December, the price point remains at the earlier speculated $30,000.


[via Canon Rumors]

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cool, looks like the pictures from my old nokia

i think i fell asleep during that video.

The video suggests that the base ISO is 800. At least that's Gain = 0.0 for all the given values.

I like the scene shot with just candle light. Then I think back a few decades back, when Stanley Kubrick shot scenes in Barry Lyndon, with just candle light.

Can't quite say how much has changed, but I think Kubric's picture looks better :-)

You saw that Canon lens 14mm F/1.4 at 1:56?