Casey Neistat Reviews the Rylo 360-Degree Camera

Casey Neistat's latest vlog is a review of the Rylo 360-degree camera. What makes this different than the 360-degree cameras currently on the market is that it comes with software that makes it easy to pick your shot (in other words, the frame that'll fit your 16:9 or 4:3 frame) and compose your video like that. Rylo is a start up, and although Neistat can distinguish which market it is for, I think it definitely can become something many videographers, especially YouTubers, and travel shooters will use.

I can also see it mounted on top of cameras on the hot-shoe while shooting in studio, or while doing some landscape photography where the photographer can show their whole environment as they wish. It seems light to carry around, and although the sound is not something to write home about, I think this is the start of software development where more time will be spent in post, but it can give the videographer more choice and there's almost no chance of missing a shot. 

In the video there's a shot of Neistat charging the camera, which doesn't look too great, but it does look like it can charge via USB with a power bank which again solves that if it's a problem.

It's available now to be used with the iPhone app, and Android will ship early 2018. What do you guys think? At $499, would you consider getting this for your work?

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Adam Ehhhh's picture

Why isn't this purely software? I don't see the difference between this and any other 360 cam.

Anonymous's picture

The difference is they payed Casey Neistat a shitload of money to promote this one

Duru Silver's picture

The hard ware will be very good for security purposes and observation of blind angles. Software I'll be awesome for image reviews.

Frank Neulichedl's picture

The difference between this and other cams is that we have a massive marketing push with no real hardware in the market --- plus already fake reviews on amazon and more ... be ware ... and choose a Insta360 One for example - better software and hardware and it's out for months