Control Photoshop With Hand Gestures

The future is always coming at the same speed, but on occasions, it feels as if it has sped up significantly. With this wearable device, you can control Photoshop with just your hand and a surface.

VR headsets marked a technological change many had dreamed of, and while complete mass adoption is yet to be achieved, they're growing quickly. As they grow and improve, so do the peripherals used, in both complexity and application. One such area is wearable tech that allows you to control software through gestures.

In this video, Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, goes through the process of setting up a wearable keyboard and mouse called Tap. While the mouse side of things appears to be relatively straightforward and intuitive, right out of the box, it's the keyboard part that's more difficult. Anyone who uses Photoshop regularly will know that your keyboard shortcuts are fundamental to workflow, and you will in essence need to start from scratch.

I can imagine that this tech could be powerful, particularly with a laptop and limited space. In principle, you might be able to work more quickly, accurately, and easily, though there are a few huge "buts" lurking. Firstly, adapting to it over a mouse and keyboard, or tablet and keyboard will take some serious time and effort investment. Secondly, I would imagine that long editing sessions will be far more tiring and have a degree of physical requirement.

Do you think this sort of tech could work in Photoshop? Have you ever tried it?

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