Could the Sony a99 Be the D800 We Really Wanted?

After having worked extensively now with the Nikon D800, I can attest that it's a damn fine camera. Incredibly sharp at 100 ISO, nice big files that can stretch endlessly... But it's still slow. New rumors, however, indicate that Sony's re-entry into the full-frame market could see the introduction of the camera that we all really expected from Nikon back in January...

A 24MP, full-frame sensor, 10fps, ISO performance from 100-25,600, and an astonishing 102 AF points for a cool $2800 sounds like Sony might bring itself back from the dead. And get this: we could see 1080p at 60fps! Finally!

Other features include 14bit RAW output, a 2.3-million-pixel OLED viewfinder, SD + SD/MS dual card slots, HDMI output, and Sony's own translucent mirror technology. Is this the camera we've all been waiting for?


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Tam Nguyen's picture

Maybe the rumored Nikon D600 will be? :)

Deleted Account's picture

Agree!! That was kind of an absurd title!!! It's like saying Oranges is our next Apples!!!

leelove's picture

The D800 IS the camera I wanted. The problem with Sony is they make good cameras but they don't make a camera System. No matter how good an individual product might be with out accessories and 3rd party support it is not a product I would ever consider. Especially if you are a working professional who needs a variety of lenses.

Chris Newman's picture

Agreed, when I read about the rumored specs on another website about this camera body, I researched lenses for the Sony system. Not enough for me.

Chris Newman's picture

If sony would just make bodies for nikkor lenses like the old fuji digital days, THAT would be interesting.

Dave Tameling's picture

They do. I use all sorts of Nikkor lenses with my NEX-7...and Minolta Rokkor, and Pentax SMC, and Tamron Adaptall...

Brittanny Taylor's picture

That is a true story. I have a Sony DLSR and I'm pretty much stuck shooting natural light because it's so hard to find accessories that work with the camera. I want to sell it all off and switch brands, which sucks because I really do like the camera.

matt's picture

I dont consider myself as pro, but I work with my Sony body in studio and I dont find an issue with the accessories up to the level to put me off the brand. 3rd party lenses and accessories are plenty out there.
but if you have gained loads of glass for a specific brand, you wont make the move to another one just for a good body turned up today, as your brand will come up with something that match that in the near future !

Jakob Røjel's picture

I must say that I don't get your problem.
I have two  HVL-F58AM Sony flashes that I control wireless using  HVL-F20AM, work fine (not as smart as the Nikon system,but very usefull). I use Elinchrom skyports to trigger my Elinchrom studio setup.

Jason Vinson's picture

 what accessories are you looking for? I'm a Sony shoots and have no issue.

Jason Vinson's picture

I'm a Sony shooter (A900) and i have no issue getting good glass... what lens would you be wanting that you would not be able to find? i have not had any issue with 3rd party support or finding products. not trying to be a troll, i'm just curious what your looking for that you would not be able to find with Sony?

Zeuss AF lenses are very very nice, nearly a reason I switched to Sony about 18months ago. 

ah yes, god of sky and thunder.... ;)

Felipe Paredes Schulz's picture

zeuss af???

Bogdan Radu's picture

About damn time! Sony makes some cracking nice lens... if they get 3200 ISO right it would be a pretty sweet camera... 

Martin Francis's picture

Sony mount, Sony hotshoe, Sony translucent mirror, Sony user interface, Sony lack of attention span on a given product line? I don't think this is the camera many of us wanted. 

No moving mirror with High rez EVF and sensor image stabilization..... SU_WEET

I shoot Sony a900 and a77 and I have never had issues finding accessories for it, I have a hot shoe adaptor and it works in any Studio I use, never an issue. Lenses are also not an issue, i have everything from a 16mm fisheye to a 70-400 all are every excelent glass.

Jakob Røjel's picture

Exactly the only thing missing is as 600F4 and a 400F2.8

Mohammed Alamin's picture

Dont worry they're coming slowly considering the extremely low number of shooters that can ever afford these glass. I used a test version of the upcoming 300F2.8 GII which btw is unannounced and should be priced around $8500, based on that i can assume the 400F2.8 should be close to $11000 and as the 600F4 my guess is somewhere in the $18000 ball park since Sony 500F4 G cost over $14000.

Pixyst's picture

Nope. The D800 is the D800 I really wanted - really pleased!

Rob Stark's picture

The Sony specs - speed, frames, iso, sensor size -  look like a 5D MarkIII so nothing to compare with a D800

Trevor Moore's picture

I have been a Nikon shooter heavily for 7 years and switched to Canon a few month after the d800 was released. I have no idea what everyone's in aw over this camera for? 75mb raw image file thanks, I don't wanna fill up 8 cf cards just to shoot a wedding. Resolution? Are you gonna crop more than 60% of your photo away haha....No. Also have you people used one yet? It feels like shit when in your hands, at least for me. I preferred the feel of every other Nikon over the D800, I agree that it performs amazingly and if I only shot for fun and not for work I would own one, but Nikon went too far. 
I guess everyone would go buy an Olympus dslr tomorrow if it had 46mp. 

Jason Vinson's picture

the only thing i don't like about mirrorless cameras last i played with them is for use when using flash. in studio if all is black and I'm using flash to light the scene, the camera does not know i have studio lights so the view in the camera is all black and cant focus maybe this has been fixed? adjust exposure of the preview?

Jockemon's picture

It's not a mirrorless camera. It has a translucent mirror, like Sonys DSLR's have had for a couple of years now. It works just like any Nikon or Canon in the studio.

Kirk Tuck's picture

The Sony a77 and Nex7 already do 1080 at 60fps. Holding my breath for the a99...