DxO Mark Highly Praises Sharpness of Sigma 35mm f/1.4

DxO Mark Highly Praises Sharpness of Sigma 35mm f/1.4

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the outstanding Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens and could not speak highly enough about its merits. In the week that followed, every single camera review site that I have read seemed to come to the same conclusion. Recently, Dx0 Mark also rated the Sigma lens, and said it was "one of the sharpest lenses, mounted on Canon, ever measured by DxOMark website."

DxO Mark: "The Sigma 35mm F1.4 scored 17 P-MPix for sharpness and an overall DxOMark score of 30.3 putting it at the top of both of these rankings for a 35mm lens. Taken individually, among the 35mm lenses available for Canon virtually all measures, show the Sigma as the equal or better of the group, its score positions it as one of the sharpest lenses tested by DxOMark on Canon mount."

This is rare, but I am in total agreement with DxO. That feeling seems to be a general consensus when it comes to this lens. If you need a 35mm lens, the Sigma is the best you can get.

[Via DxO Mark]

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It's early days so I'm sure that review will be parsed out in full. I'm curious as to why they didn't include the Canon 35L in that comparison...

Every photographer (on a budget at least) is torn between saving up a fortune to get an expensive lens with superior optics or saving a fortune and going with a 3rd party lens with sometimes mediocre optics. This Sigma looks like it will let me have my cake and eat it too! I've still got to wait till they start discounting it some (if they do) but if it's all it's cracked up to be, I'm in.

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With how DxOMark rates Canon sensors, do they still manage to maintain credibility?

I have no doubts that the Sigma 35mm is excellent, FYI...I just question DxOMark in general these days

People will still choose the Canon over this lens. Only diehard serious optic shooters will buy the Sigma. Go talk to the average semi pro shooter or wedding shooter. They will only go with their brand's optics no matter what.

I would like to see this lens mounted on the SD1 merrill as opposed to the Canon system. The SD1 is truly amazing.

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 Which of course is comical. While the Canon has some decent center sharpness wide open, overall it's a total overpriced piece of crap, as is the Nikon equivalent. I want to check the Sigma out to see if it lives up to it hype. So far the best 35mm I've seen is the Samyang, unfortunately not at f/1.4.

Great, except they had to exchange 11 copies to get a good one...

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If only it were weather sealed :(

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 Are you shooting in the safari regions of Africa? I doubt a wedding will put you in a situation where the marginal weather sealing of a select few L lenses will actually be of use.

It rains during weddings too. And you have to keep shooting.

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 True, I was thinking indoors lol. Forgot to add that.