Fotodiox Packs Powerful LEDs into Flat, Compact Package

Fotodiox just announced some very flat, very compact AC/battery powered LED edge lights for use in video productions. My experience with Fotodiox LEDs has been relatively positive, with strong power and excellent color consistency. The new lights, called FlapJacks look to be an excellent addition to your lighting arsenal. 

Designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to set up, Fotodiox says the FlapJacks produce soft, even light which would be ideal for impromptu interviews, capturing beautiful portraits or even shooting tabletop food or product photography. Since the LED's are slim and small, they can be placed close to subjects. And since they produce virtually no heat, they won't damage subjects like food. Their interior diffusion materials eliminate the need for additional softboxes, and each of the four models can easily fit into a messenger or camera bag.

Rather than using forward-facing LEDs common in conventional panels, the FlapJacks’ LEDs are mounted around their outer edge, aimed inward at layers of diffusion material. Instead of producing a direct beam, they produce bounced light that creates a soft, even glow with no hotspots.

The FlapJacks feature an elegant form factor – each measuring less than 1/2" at its thinnest point – and can be placed almost anywhere. Their compact design makes it easy to mount them to light stands, tabletop tripods, light clamps or even a camera’s accessory shoe. The FlapJacks are so lightweight that they can even be mounted with Velcro, cord or tape, making it easier than ever before to get creative with light placement.

Here are some quick facts about the new line of lights:

  • Two circular models: the C-200R (7” diameter) and the C-300R (10” diameter)
  • Two rectangular models: the C-200S (8" x 5") and the C-200L (11" x 4 1/4")
  • Feature edge-mounted LEDs and layers of built-in diffusion to produce soft, even lighting with no hotspots
  • Fully dimmable, with no change in color temperature, from 10-100%
  • Thin, portable design makes each model only 1/2” deep at thinnest point
  • Run on either AC power or a NP-F style rechargeable battery (both are included in each kit)
  • Contain a backlit LCD indicator that displays both light level and battery life status
  • C-200 lights come with ballhead mounting bracket for light stand or accessory shoe mounting
  • C-300 lights come with mounting yoke for light stand
  • Each light comes with a custom fitted hard case and is backed by Fotodiox’s 2-year warranty


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Joe Gunawan's picture

What's the CRI for the LED lights? The lack of full-spectrum color rendition is one of the issues that is common with LEDs and conventional CFL lights

Sean Anderson's picture

Hi Joe,

I work for Fotodiox in their video production department and I helped make the video above. If you want the skinny on each light and it's output, just visit the listings for the lights on the Fotodiox website. They have all of the stats listed there.