A Hands-on Review of the New DJI RS2

DJI have launched their second iteration of the Ronin gimbal, and this hands-on review will take you through exactly what's changed and how good it really is.

DJI's Ronin gimbal proved popular with videographers, showing the industry that DJI aren't just great drone manufacturers. Many vloggers in particular grew attached to the gimbal, and so it will have pricked many ears up to learn that DJI have launched the DJI Ronin S 2, renamed the DJI RS2.

There are a lot of upgrades the RS2 has received compared to its predecessor, but most notable for me is payload which has increased to 4.5kg from in the region of 2.2kg to 3kg on the Ronin, depending on who you ask. The RS2 has a 1.4" full color, OLED touchscreen and improve stabilization and functionality. Despite the new and upgraded features and maximum payload, the RS2 has managed to shed weight and is lighter than the original Ronin.

Will you be getting one?

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Nick Collura's picture

I think you mean to say the original Ronin S. There have been several ronin's before this one.