Hasselblad announces H5D Series Camera

Hasselblad announces H5D Series Camera

Hasselblad announced their new H5D series medium format cameras. The H5D features a modernized design and a complete new electronic engine to pave the way for ultimate quality imaging, for print ready JPEG files, and for a smooth and intuitive user interface. The camera is billed by the Sweden-based company as "the latest step in the evolution of the best high-end camera system in the world."

The new camera features:

  • New compressed RAW files for faster and smoother workflow
  • Even better focus correction with True Focus II
  • Print-ready JPEG mode for quick preview and printing
  • New Camera Configurator
  • New improved grip surface
  • Larger and more ergonomic buttons
  • Larger, easier to read display style
  • New menu and graphics design
  • New programmable buttons
  • New and improved weather sealing
  • New, more durable eye cup
  • New sensor unit safety lock
  • New and faster processors for more rapid internal communication
  • Support for new capture modes
  • New and more accurate focus algorithms
  • New motor drive algorithm


The H5D Series will be available as models with 40, 50 and 60 megapixels as well as 50 and 200 megapixel Multi-Shot versions and will start shipping in December 2012. This is probably one of those situations where "if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it."

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Eric Fialkowski's picture

“if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.”
but that won't stop me from wanting one....

No mention of any LCD improvements :(

Expecting 1,3mp resolution if so thats worth the upgrade from my H4D alone.. woop woop

It says 'Larger, easier to read display' but like the rest of the specs it is fairly ambiguous

No mention of any SENSOR improvements!?!
If they still ask 40 000$+ for a camera that is unusable above ISO640 I'll personally stop myself for wanting one...

James Robertson's picture

It's not meant for that environment, that's like saying if you can't go off-roading in a new ferrari you don't want it..

Brad Trent's picture

Georgi...you don't buy a medium format camera because of it's high-ISO capabilities. If  you compare just about ANY file from a digital back to the same image captured on a DSLR, you'll understand the importance of 16-bit capture and why people are willing to spend the price of admission. They're only useful if you need the highest quality for an advertising or very high-end editorial client. Period.

 What I'm saying Brad is that if you look back medium format wasn't used only for High-end payed jobs!!! It was used from street photographers to fine art!!! AT HIGH ISO, OUT OF THE STUDIO, AT REASONABLE PRICE!!!!

 Not to mention that there was a choice between several formats not just the smallest one 6x4.5 or it's crop factor!!!
yet the price gap 35mm-Medium format wasn't thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis BIG!


<-- one upper     AHHHHHHHH......AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!....!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAHHHH!H!!

You're kidding right? A decent MF film system was just as expensive as a MF digital system up until about 2004-2005. Please shutup.

MF film system was a choise of 80% of the wedding photographers and every corner portrait studio was MF!
How many shoot MF weddings today!???
So YOU shut up!!!

you know, it isn't really meant to shoot above iso 400.

Why not? Sometimes I really would like to shoot some movie stills in a resolution above 40 mp with the capability to shoot with an high ISO a medium format camera. Everything under iso 800 is absolutly unusable.

It's not meant because it can not. If it could - it would...

You still can buy 120 film up to iso3200 yet the digital medium format is still useless above iso640, although the prices are RIDICULE!

If it can't be made yet this doesn't mean that there is no need or want to shoot high ISO medium format!!!

That's why I'd probably pass H5D as well!

Let's hope that ONE day we have a real medium format like 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 and let's hope that the price difference 35mm - Medium format get's where it should be - like in the film days!!! 


Phase One has Sensor+. Gives you a little more flexibility at the expense of resolution.

Out of sheer curiosity - what systems/cameras do you own?

Digital - Nikon
MF Film - Pentax, Mamiya, Hasselblad
LF Film - Graflex

A Nikon what, though. D3x? D800?

D3s and d800e, why?

Typically the people that piss and most are not the ones using the system.

I'm not pissing on anything! Just saying what I would like to see in The digital MF and hope that I don't have to wait to H10D to get it!

 Quite frankly H5D would be a major disappointment if the "NEW ImproveD grip surface" is a feature to brag about instead of a new sensor!!!
Can't wait for Photokina!!!

Kevin Hosford's picture

I can see another technology company like Samsung bringing out a medium format camera for people who don't wan't to spend the price of a car on a camera that can't meet every condition you throw at it and for a camera that price I'd wanna be able to shoot at iso 6400 with great results! 

Tam Nguyen's picture

"if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it" <~~ dammit I was JUST gonna ask how much...

Great to see strides moving forward with digital medium format. I love my PhaseOne too much to switch.

I won't ask how much...I am saving up! Instant noodles everyday for the next 2.5 yrs! lol

The strength of the hasselblad, from its early days, was, and is, its focus on producing an image that could withstand virtually any degradation regardless of how big the enlargement. It was always the professional studio camera of choice for that reason.

With the advent of 35mm as the choice of the likes of Bailey & Donovan in fashion, Don McCullen and Margaret Bourke-White in war and a growing emphasis on portability for news reporting, the Hasselblad became a niche market for the few.

Hasselblad has a rich heritage, one of its major successes in life is exploiting the medium of the film used, and with this new addition, digital imagery has truly been exploited to extract every possible pixel available to it. 

Some of us mere mortals are delighted with the results of a 16 megapixel image, just imagine what we could do with 40/50/60 & 200 megapixel. And try to remember that Hasselblad has long been the benchmark to reach.

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