Hasselblad Launches H6D Camera Platform in 50-Megapixel and 100-Megapixel Versions With 4K Video

Hasselblad has launched a brand new medium format digital body, the H6D, in both the familiar 50-megapixel CMOS flavor and also in a new, 100-megapixel CMOS configuration with the same Sony sensor found in Phase One's XF IQ3 100 MP released earlier this year. The new body features an updated UI, a relatively new look and design for the first time in several generations, and a brand new lineup of updated lenses capable of shooting at up to 1/2000 of a second, with full support of the new 100 MP sensor.

The Hasselblad H6D features a new high-resolution touchscreen with 920,000 dots, built-in Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 Type-C, side-by-side CFast and SD card slots, 15 stops of dynamic range (for the 100MP model), and 2.3 or 1.5 frames per second for the H6D-50c or H6D-100c, respectively. The H6D-100c brings 4K video in Hasselblad's new raw format to the CMOS lineup, while both cameras support 1080p video recording in H.264. To help support the new video recording features, the H6D also features mini HDMI and audio I/O ports for monitoring (though it's not clear if external recorders can be used in lieu of the internal one). The 100c also features an expanded native ISO range of ISO 64-12,800 compared to the 50c's ISO range of 100-6400. Hasselblad doesn't talk about autofocus in this latest release, but they do mention a number of operational improvements, from increased buffer capacity to the general UI and new technology updates throughout the system.

The new lens lineup, marked by a new orange square logo, supports the H6D's 1/2000 maximum shutter speed as well as the 100-MP resolution of the H6D-100c, although Hasselblad also states its previous lineup is already proven at even higher resolutions through its multi-shot backs that shoot up to 200-MP images. Additionally, Phocus 3.0 will be released soon with a refined GUI and additional features, such as both global and local moiré detection and correction.

While we wait for U.S. pricing, we know European pricing will be a relatively low €28,900 for the H6D-100c and €22,900 for the H6D-50c, excluding VAT. Both models will ship by the end of this month June 2016.

UPDATE: U.S. pricing is $25,995 for the H6D-50c and $32,995 for the H6D-100c.

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I need this camera more than I need a house and a car. I will just sleep in someone's garage and walk to shoots carrying all my gear like a mule. A mule with a Hasselblad, though.

Or just buy the house and car and rent the camera? Like everyone does at high level.

Too late; I'm in the garage.

Hmm seeing that it's been a lot longer since I purchased a new still camera compared to video/cinema camera-debating on cancelling my Red Weapon order and getting this instead???

Decisions... Decisions... Decisions...

Quite a bit cheaper than the new PhaseOne, for sure. Still a hefty investment. That touchscreen interface looks like it was stolen from the Leica T, and that's not a bad thing.

Glad to see Hasselblad still kicking and screaming.

I'm stunned that they're coming in over $10K cheaper than Phase One and with RAW 4K video. Curious to see when Pentax gets in on the 100MP party. This almost makes up for all those ridiculous Sony clone cameras...almost.

I have always wanted to try using a medium format and see the huge difference from the 35mm. Now, this camera is really impressive (in paper... for now) that I want one! Well, poor people like me will settle on a D810.

Shame there isn't (a more reasonably priced) one without video.

In my opinion this is good news for everybody. As a Phase One owner and user I'm happy to see that Hasselblad eventually came up with a system comparable to P1 offerings. Hope Hasselblad's move will impact on P1 XF prices in a good way)