Highly Anticipated Fuji X-T1 Now Available in Limited Quantities

Highly Anticipated Fuji X-T1 Now Available in Limited Quantities

Just under a month since Fujifilm announced the X-T1 in January, the highly anticipated mirrorless body is available in limited quantities for $1,299. B&H has likely fulfilled the pre-orders and has some left for those of you who did not.

The X-T1 has the second generation 16.3Mp APS-C CMOS II sensor, similar to that found in the X-Pro1 along with a second generation EXR II processor. Unlike the X-Pro1, the X-T1 has a hybrid OVF with 2.36M dots at 0.77x (the highest in its class) that supports focus peaking, and is advertised to only have 0.005 seconds of lag-time. Furthermore, the X-T1 boast wicked fast phase-detect AF at 0.08 seconds. It is built of sturdy mag-alloy, has the best weather sealing in the X-series and has built in Wi-Fi connectivity.


Modularity is at the heart of the X-T1 design, it can use a vertical battery grip, hotshoe-mounted flashes, grips, and cases. Functionality wise, I expect the X-T1 to work more like a DSLR than a more traditional mirrorless body.


The OLED viewfinder is what makes this camera most interesting to me, when shooting vertically the display rotates to allow for easy reading and adjusting while looking though the viewfinder.


I'll be picking up a X-T1 for rental to give it a shot as a travel and walk-around camera. The X-T1 is available here if you want to grab one before they go on backorder.

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Jon Sharman's picture

Got mine yesterday morning and pretty much had it with me ever since. No, I didn't shower yet. It's amazing.

Austin Rogers's picture

With the weather sealing you might be able to bring it with you. The 85mm equiv. 1.2 lens and X-T1 looks like an awesome combo.

Jon Sharman's picture

Haha, excellent point! Yeah I can't wait to get my hands on the 56mm, looks amazing. Very excited about this camera!

ive never used an EVF, but question, if im using off camera flash, and im exposing for the sky for example is it going to show my subject completely dark in the viewfinder..?

Depends... you can set the viewfinder to show you "preview exposure" which is what the shot will look like with the current lighting. You can turn that off and it'll just show you a reasonably bright screen.

The X Pro-1 got that feature in a firmware update not too long ago - otherwise you just had to use the OVF instead. I would assume if it's on the X Pro-1 as of now, the XT1 is highly likely to have that option.

thanks for the tip, got my bday present ordered thru Amazon and hope it will get here before we leave for WPPI...

This thing is gonna be hot. If I wasn't so invested in Nikon gear I'd be on this sucker. That X-Trans sensor is just phenomenal. It has virtually no chroma noise. Check out the RAW noise on the PREVIOUS-gen APS-C-sized X-Trans sensor against some FF(!) sensors below. There's talk of Fuji releasing a FF version of that sucker too! If they release a FF version of the XT1, I might just bite!

Jon Sharman's picture

That's incredible.

I'm very intrigued by this X-T1....if the low light AF is usable, i may consider it....from what i hear though, AF in bad light (with mirrorless bodies in general) is still not up to par with a pro level DSLR....

Ryan Bartels's picture

True, but my E-M1 does a very good job, however. Better than the X-E1/2 I had. Major problem with the Fuji EVFs was that they'd increase gain to acquire focus, then, once locked, turned back down and I often got a black screen in lower light. Not with the EVF. I too hope that the T1 has improved in this area.