Hilarious Drug Commercial Parody Promises to Cure Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Do you feel the need to constantly widen your aperture? Do you feel inadequate until you drop five figures on that medium format body? If so, you may have Gear Acquisiton Syndrome (G.A.S.). Luckily, Noventus is here to cure it.

I'll be the first to admit that I was once prone to G.A.S., and given that it has its own acronym, I'm willing to bet I'm only one of many who have fallen prey to the folly brought about by the infamous tendency of photographers to place reaching that next threshold of skill, fame, and fortune on the acquirement of increasingly expensive and mostly unnecessary gear, only to find it didn't help and to inexplicably start the entire cycle again. Thankfully, Tony and Chelsey Northrup have the solution, Noventus. Taken regularly, Noventus can "give you back your confidence in your ability and yourself," freeing you from the clutches of G.A.S. and allowing you to shoot without blaming your camera for every missed shot. Do beware, however, you may experience side effects ranging from distorted bokeh to sudden angry blackouts. For many, though, the risk will be worth getting back their life and their bank account.

[via PetaPixel]

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I've managed my GAS fairly well. I've used my Canon A-1, lenses and flash for 32 years; then in 2012, I bought a used Canon FD 28mm f2.8. After that I added a used Canon Auto Bellows and then a rare Canon Macrophoto 20mm f3.5 that I bought from B&H for a steal. July 2013, I bought a used New F-1, with AE Finder FN, AE Motor Drive FN, and two focusing screens.
Now, I own a Canon 5D III. I need help getting my fix on a supertelepho lens.

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I think you've managed your GAS better than 99 percent of us!

ROTFLMAO! My wife did say that I could buy the Canon EF 120mm f5.6L lens when I won the lottery.

I had to buy x100T to fix my gas haha
fight fire with fire

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It's like a controlled burn to stop the GFX 50S GAS, right?

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i have the same problem... so i bought an old film medium format to fix my urge to get a medium format camera. I will use it but it's a good 7500 dollar difference.

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You had me at 'rectal bleeding'.