The Invisible Camera: Your Mind Will Be Blown

pin hole camera pinhole invisible Chris Marquardt has developed a really mind blowing new camera called The Invisible Camera. Using ground breaking technology developed by the Max-Planck Institute in Germany, Chris has designed a camera that can properly expose an image even when the film is exposed to ambient light. The special film uses a technique called "directional desensitization" which prevents the emulsion from capturing light; the only light registered is from the very small projection created by the tiny pin hole. What's even more mind blowing is this technique might allow for images to be captured at ISO 1/500th or 15 stops lower than ISO 100! Chris estimates that this increase in resolution would be equivalent to about 3,000 5D Mark II cameras which I can't even imagine. Hopefully some of our more technical readers can explain this to me since I have a feeling it's going on sale a week from this Friday and The Invisible Camera has offered a demo model to Fstoppers.

Update: Chris has uploaded a podcast about his invisible camera. Unfortunately I still don't think he addresses the questions needed to debunk this as a hoax. Listen to his interview HERE and decide for yourself.

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You know what set off my BS alarm first? The title. It's called THE INVISIBLE CAMERA people.

Gullibility is a weapon.

Well shot though!

I wish I knew what was happening here. Oh those Germans.

I think it's fake, too.
And for those who think " none would spend much time just to create such a good fake"
just watch this.....

Think we have to stick with our old cams

Very elaborate April fools joke!

DAMNIT! I fell for it. Went and gave my info, prior to reading the comments! Damn I am dumb!

Well, I am just not sure. The key to a good hoax or April Fool's joke is to be JUST within the believable. This is off the charts on the unbelievable side of things. That alone makes me want to watch for the punch line. Or not.

So, I managed to find via google cache the photos that were originally posted under field test, since I was late to the party and missed that!

Anyway, here's one : presumably the photo he took while using the invisible camera on the tripos in the movie? ANYWAY, if you look at the photo details, you see CMK, WELLSHG001.

As in HG Wells, as in, author of "The Invisible Man"

other 2 shots:

tee hee

If the optical box was polarized in any way, it wouldn't be 100% transparent. On the other hand, in my endeavor to debunk this, I realized a potentially working concept for engineering the film, using UV reactive thin films :o

Has to be fake. Hope nobody paid for the demo cameras. How do you get super fast shutter speeds and super low iso? He's being very vague and grandiose about his claims, builds a camera, yet doen't know the science behind it.

I posted a comment on Magnorama skepical of it but they wouldn't post the comment.

Update: It was fake. I guess I lost my awe and amazement about the same time I stopped believing in Santa Claus.

This was utterly stupid and useless. There was no point in having this hoax except for the fact that they revealed it's secret on April Fools Day, "Ha ha ha...."
Absolute rubbish.