Leaked Images Show Viewfinder-less New Fujifilm X-E1

You may not be one of their thousands of fans, but Fujifilm's retro-style mirrorless cameras are some of the most popular compact cameras out there. The X-100 and the X-Pro1 are some of the top selling compact cameras in the industry. These images leaked by Digicame-info.com depict what appears to be another Fujifilm camera called the X-E1 that could be on the market sometime soon.

Digicame-info is reporting that the "XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS" lens and the "X-E1" interchangeable lens Fujifilm body is likely to have a high potential for low-cost machine rather than a successor to X-Pro1 due to its lack of viewfinder.

The layout of the buttons and dials on the upper surface is almost the same as X-Pro1 and a kind of pop-up flash can be seen next to the hot shoe.

What do you think? Excited? Tell us why you're interested in the comments below.

[Via DigiCame-Info and SLR Lounge]

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Gary Martin's picture

Why so many viewfinder less camera's in the world today.. A viewfinder is so much nicer to look through than just having a screen on the back. This is why I will never buy one of these type cameras. They want professionals and amateurs alike to use them but they really mean just beginners. Beginners don't care about viewfinders. Professionals do.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Though I am not sure I agree with the tone of what you've said, I do agree that beginners or intermediates are the target audience. There are more of them than pros, and they have more money. Money is the driver. 

Ian Boys's picture

"You may not be one of them, but Fujifilm’s retro-style mirrorless cameras are " - We may not be cameras?

"a third Fujifilm camera called the X-E1"  - no, it's the first with that name and the fourth of the X-series cameras.

"due to its lack of viewfinder." - it clearly does have a viewfinder (EVF). Can't you see it?

"a kind of pop-up flash" = a pop-up flash.

"is likely to have a high potential for low-cost machine" - Could you not be bothered to edit the google translation bot?

Shoddy, shoddy work.

Mike Thacker's picture

Yes it could be better on the first pass. However, this is near immediate news from the industry. I don't want it spending any time on the editors desk. Doing so wouldn't improve my gained knowledge of "Fuji made an EVF X Pro 1". The professionalism this site brings in other ways, namely the BTS look into working professionals and their projects, has had a side effect of replacing DPReview.com as my source for industry news.

Given a choice I want my FStoppers faster not better.

I really like the "(Edited by author)" on that comment :)

Nick's picture

I see a slight hump behind the Fuji logo which looks like an eye cup to me, so maybe it has an EVF.

marcus newey's picture

Blatantly bloody obvious that there's and EVF there.