Moment Announces a 62mm Filter Mount for Their Smartphone Lenses

Moment has made a name for itself with its beautifully crafted lenses for smartphones. More recently they also teamed up with Freefly to create the Movi, a stabilizer and cinema robot for your iPhone. Today, they announced a new product that follows the trend of shooting professional quality videos and photos with a phone. It’s a 62mm filter mount for their lenses.

Shooting a smartphone is nothing new. However, we’ve recently seen a growth in a productions using iPhone and Android devices to shoot content that made it into commercial work. Just like with the cameras we rely on for our professional jobs, accessories play a significant role. One of them is the lens we have, and for that Moment created some of the best for smartphones. But when shooting videos, having the possibility to use neutral density and polarizing filters can make a huge difference. It gives more freedom in the choice of settings and can help get that silky smooth cinematic looking footage by using the proper shutter speed.

The 62mm filter mount can be used with all Moment lenses, including the wide one. It comes with the filter mount itself and two rubber collars; one for the wide lens, the second one for all the other lenses. It’s important to note that Moment does not design or manufacture filters, but only the filter mount. So you’ll still have to buy neutral density and polarizing filters somewhere else. But if you already own filters, you could also use a step up ring.

For more information regarding the filter mount, please visit Moment lenses website.

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Great accessory. I love the Moment lenses because with their wide and their zoom, my two-camera Plus goes from ~16mm (equiv.) to ~115mm (equiv.), which is pretty good for an all-optical range.

David J. Fulde's picture

My issue with the Moment lenses, and I LOVE them, is that their portrait lens is definitely like... the Redheaded Step child.

Almost all of their videos are about the wide and the superfish. The wide lens is SUPER SHARP, but the tele is really soft, and their defense is that since it's a portrait lens, vignetting and sharpness loss around the corners is fine.