More-Than-Awesome Leica X3 Concept by Vincent Säll

More-Than-Awesome Leica X3 Concept by Vincent Säll

Sweden native Vincent Säll has created something truly magnificent. No, you can't get it. But if Leica actually were to make this, it would be one beautiful and simple piece of recording equipment. Once you get through this concept, check out Vincent's other work that'll keep you intrigued if nothing else at VincentSä

leica x3 concept

leica x3 concept 1.5

leica x3 concept 2

Photos and concept reproduced with permission.

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And where is the lens?
The opening in the middle cannot serves both as a lens and a viewfinder.... it's not a DSLR.

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I believe in this case, the concept is that two pieces swivel like a compact (make-up, ladies?), where one hypothetically houses the lens and sensor while the other houses a fixed viewfinder, much like a rangefinder.

Its concept render.

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so a round camera most will never be able to afford?
nice departure from the rectangular cameras most people can't afford...

It's awesome... maybe not so usefull, but amazing. It's pure design, nothing concerning photography. Probably super expensive... but cool. Not for my pocket or my interest, anyway ;)

I was about ready to rant about how this seems totally ridiculous and Leica would probably be the last manufacturer to do something so crazy but then I remembered concepts are supposed to be outlandish so I shall applaud the artist for his vision and creativity. 

This design is impossible to manufacture, lacks ergonomics, can't be placed on a flat surface to take a photo, has a difficult to reach / generally inefficient ISO/Aperture switch, protruding accident prone shutter with no grip, etc. 

How does this design improve upon the current Leicas in any way, or make it worthy of being called "truly magnificent"?

"It's pure design, nothing concerning photography"

Good design accomplishes goals and fixes real world problems.