New Firmware V2.0 for Fuji X-Pro1 and Lenses is FAST!

New Firmware V2.0 for Fuji X-Pro1 and Lenses is FAST!

If you have one of these cameras, the update you've been waiting for is out! V2.0 promises faster response time, faster recording to memory cards (doubled!), faster focusing, and then some!

I've been using the X-Pro1 for a while and just updated myself! It's an entirely new experience. At its heart, everything still works the same way. There's no learning curve. But the whole thing is just that much faster to use. It's more agile, leaner, and faster than ever -- and you can't not love what this does to your camera. Don't ask me why Fuji couldn't do this any earlier, but I'm not complaining now that it's out...

To install the firmware, make sure your battery is fully charged. Then put the new firmware (downloadable below) onto a fresh, formatted memory card. Hold down the AF and Display/Back buttons while you turn the camera on. Then follow the onscreen instructions (just press okay and don't turn the camera off or take the lens off if it's already on and vice versa). Then you turn the camera off and back on -- and you're done!

Download the X-Pro1 Body V2.0 Firmware
Download the X-Pro1 Lens V2.0 Firmware (multiple updates required: one per lens)

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This needs to happen for the X100 now!