New Intervalometer Allows for Auto-Ramping and Live Previews of Time-lapses

New Intervalometer Allows for Auto-Ramping and Live Previews of Time-lapses

Capturing a good time-lapse requires patience and precision. Normalizing exposure in changing lighting conditions is an intricate task. Similarly, knowing how your final product is shaping up during the process is difficult. One company is seeking to solve both those problems with one device.

A good intervalometer can make the task of making time-lapses smoother and more efficient. Timelapse+ has begun a Kickstarter campaign for such a device: the VIEW. Designed to largely automate and ease the process, the VIEW offers some rather intriguing features. Users can preview footage while capture is still in progress by simply swiping their hand in front of the device, allowing for easy monitoring and eliminating the chances of accidentally changing a setting or moving the camera. In fact, the entire device is designed for rugged environments, with features such as extreme temperature tolerance, 15-hour battery life with Wi-Fi enabled, and a gesture-based interface. Users can also control the device entirely from their smartphone and even stream time-lapses.


Another headline feature of the VIEW is its advanced algorithm for automated exposure ramping. The algorithm contains some interesting features, including the ability to recognize sunrises and sunsets and outpace them slightly when adjusting exposure to create the effect of a brightening or darkening sky and prevent blown highlights. It also bypasses Nikon bulb limitations by writing exposure compensation data in XMP sidecar files if necessary. Users who would like more control will have access to the parameters of the algorithm.


The Timelapse+ VIEW will be available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony models. Be sure to check out its Kickstarter to pick one up for yourself!

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