New Manfrotto Tripods Announced

Manfrotto has refreshed two of its popular tripods; the 190 and 055 series. Both adding a few nice improvements that many will find useful. The most convenient of which is the new Easy Link plug. This allows for instant connection of accessories, such as LED lights or on-board video monitors for video playback.They both offer aluminum or carbon fiber frames and a new locking mechanism dubbed the Quick Power Lock, which allows for instant leg extensions using one hand. The 055 series is capable of heavier load handling, of up to almost 20lbs



Check out the specs and pricing of the 190 series here, and the 055 series here.

[via PhotographyBay]

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Daniel Pryce's picture

I Need Dis!! I had so many issues with shooting straight down last year and I didn't have the money to get the attachment that let me.

Adam Ottke's picture

I've always used my favorite Gitzo tripod and have been happy with it, but this certainly interests me. Unfortunately, I'm not used to the Manfrotto naming schemes...and the variety of options seems confusing to me... Is there a shortcut to understanding all the different models and what's what? I've figured out the 3 vs 4 leg models. And the carbon fiber v aluminum ones.... but other than that, I'm at a loss aside from noticing a couple inches difference here and there for maximum/minimum height, a few pounds difference from max load weight, etc., etc.....

Michael Mellon's picture

I couldn't agree more Adam. Their naming conventions are super foreign to me. I'm sure they mean something...

Nick Viton's picture

I love my 055xProB and it'll probably outlast me, but this new 055 looks really cool.

Bo Bickley's picture

I got a MT055CXPRO3 in late April and it is nice and rock solid. Recently took it out of my trunk after a shoot and noticed a piece of metal on the carpet. As it turns out the tabs for the first stop had broken off for one of the legs on the lower spider. So now two legs stop where they're supposed to but the third goes on to the second stop. There is no way that this was due to excessive force by the way I take care of my equipment. To shear a tab that way could only be done while opening the tripod (as far as I know). It happened so recently that I have not had a chance to call their AZ office. I will say that it could simply be a bad casting of the part. I've used the same 190 tripod for years without any issue. Other than that problem I totally love this tripod.

Correction: Sorry I was out of town and couldn't remember the model number of my old workhorse tripod. It's a 3120BN NOT a 190. It's an old dog but still kicking'. I also corrected the 055 model number to add the MT to the beginning.

Tony Tran's picture

I'm currently using the Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber Tripod and love it. I don't think this new one has enough for me to want to sell my current tripod to upgrade, although that easy link addition is pretty cool.

Jorge Vieira's picture

I love my manfroto tripod! 190 series is one of my best investments in my opinion!

mike charlton's picture

i dont know which one to get....I dont need anything super complicated....any suggestions of 055?

Nathan Milner's picture

Wheres the best place to buy a 190xpro3?