[News] Canon Cinema EOS 1D, C100, and C500 Coming Soon?

[News] Canon Cinema EOS 1D, C100, and C500 Coming Soon?

EOSHD.com reports that Canon is working on both lower- and higher-end versions of the C300, the C100 and C500. While we're unsure about the C100, new rumors indicate that Canon could be ready to announce the C500 along with the previously rumored Cinema EOS 1D DSLR made specifically for video! And all this could happen before the weekend, when NAB 2012 is set to kick off. Read on for some specs!

Rumored C500 Specs:

- $25,000/$35,000 (depending on the source)
- 4K resolution
- Up to 120fps @ full 4K (10bit @ 120fps, 12bit @ 60fps)

Rumored Cinema EOS 1D Specs:

- $10,000
- Full-frame with Super35mm crop feature
- More megapixels than 1D X
- Cinema lens compatibility

Also rumored are new cine lenses from Canon priced between $12,000 and $20,000: a 15.5-47mm T2.2 and a 30-105mm T2.2.

Stay tuned for updates! This announcement will happen soon!

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I still think Canon missed the ball this year. I was really looking forward to these cameras (the C line and all the DSLR revisions) I was hoping that they would make a "real" videocamera with interchangeable lenses that would fit into their 4000-8000$ price range but instead they've made a line that is out of reach for most low budget filmmakers. Falling somewhere between the Sony FS line and the RED market, Canon is trying to fill a niche that I don't think really exists. If I was working on a film with the budget for it, I'd rather shoot on RED than a Canon, and if I didn't have the funds then the Sony(fs) or Panasonic(af) camera's sound much more appealing than a 10,000 1D or a revamped 5Dm3 that needs sharpening in post. What the hell is going on..?

If i'm honest they've hit the nail on the head. They're called 'Cinema' cameras for a reason, people working with production houses or have active budgets to buy and shoot with such things. Most people are likely to rent one instead of purchasing to use on their movies.

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They made these to compete with the lower end RED line, they didn't miss any balls (I think you meant to say dropped the ball or missed the mark?) Their low budget filmmaker camera is the 5D, and the many accessories and add ons available to create an amazing film setup, and there's tons of amazing work being produced by these setups.

Agreed. I think there's a demand for a camera that's made primarily for video, EF mount that doesn't cost 15k. IE a camera for everyone that bought the 5D mkII (and other canon SLRs) just for video. People doing video for web (web series, music videos), aspiring and hobby film makers and schools. That's the market that got Canon into video the way it is now and the one they don't have a camera for. 

The C300, C500 and 1D C is overkill for that market. The 5D mkIII is not that camera either. It's still a photo camera first that can be used to do video. Can you make it work? Sure. Though it's not convenient as it could be. That camera just might be the C100 if it does exist.