[News] Major Canon Video Announcements -- 1D C and C500!

[News] Major Canon Video Announcements -- 1D C and C500!

Canon unloaded a ton of news this morning. Apart from specifically releasing specifications for the EOS 1D C (Cine) DSLR and the C500, they're also apparently working on a few other things, including four lenses and other 4K cameras -- the C300 was definitely just the beginning. Full specs and tons of photos after the jump!

Canon EOS 1D C:
- 18MP Full-Frame Sensor (5184x3456 pixels)
- ISO 100-51,200 (expandable from 50-204,800 -- 25,600 for Video)
- 8-Bit 4:2:2 4K Video-Recording at 24fps, 1080P @ 24/25/30/50/60fps
- Clean HD via HDMI
- Canon Log Gamma support
- Super35mm Crop Option
- EF and EF Cinema Lens Compatibility
- Dual CF Card Slots
- 14FPS (stills)
- 61 AF Points
- $15,000
This is a 1D X on video crack; and you pay for it. What do you think? Does this seem like a dream for the deep-pocketed?

Canon C500:
- 10-Bit 4:4:4 Recording @ 4K 60FPS
- 10-Bit 4:4:4 Recording @ "Half-Raw" 4096x1080 @ 120FPS
- Quad-HD Support (4096x2960, 3840x2160, 2048x1080, 1920x1080)
- Records 1080P to Dual CF Cards
- External Recorder Required for Higher Resolutions
- Canon Log Gamma Support
- Expected Price: $32,000

Canon 15.5-47mm T2.8 L and 30-105mm T2.8 L Cinema lenses were also announced in both PL and EF mounts. A C100 is still expected, but Canon's dedication to the video market is ever-increasing.

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Johnny Milkovich's picture

Ah, looks like these cameras will be targeting Hollywood studios. I can't see the average or even paid professional photographer | Cinematographer spending the money on these beauties. I currently shoot with the MKII but upgrading to the MKIII. These prices are just incredible, but then again this is a different league; for full production studios. I would say to all photographers don't become discouraged or frustrated, Canon did not price this for us, they have a different market in mind. 

Zachary Long's picture

The 1D-C doesn't look worth it for the premium over a 1D-X without RAW video, but the C500 is very interesting to compete in the same space as the RED Epic. Competition is good! I hope the C100 comes in at a more budget friendly price for the aspiring indie filmmaker.

Albert Manduca's picture

Hey Johnny M. It's called a rental. Just sayin. 

Zachary Long's picture

Not that I don't disagree that you can rent, but rental prices are based on the camera's price as well. A Red Epic from BorrowLenses? $2k for a weekend. C300 for 3 days? $1175. Even for the indie filmmaker that is hard to justify when you can rent a Mark III for just over $100. Different market for sure.

Albert Manduca's picture

Definitely a different market, but when you have the right client who would be paying for an expensive production anyway. Indie filmmakers is a pretty broad term I guess. Some "indie FM" are just broke kids trying to make something. Others have a 150k budget and this is a great savings over shooting 35mm film.. especially for a feature. For commercial non-narrative purposes, renting one of these is not a big deal. 1175 for 3 days is nothing, especially when your already paying to rent EVERYTHING else (lenses, grip, monitor, ff, mattebox _filters, etc). Also easier to justify to a producer since it has interesting features that definitely put it above DSLRs.  

Zachary Long's picture

lol true true, fair points :)

Johnny Milkovich's picture

@amanduca:disqus I know but in my mind I would love to own all of them and take them out to shoot whenever I please. Rental is a good option but doesn't make up for the spontaneity or a moment of inspiration. Obviously we can all dream and if I make it to the big league I'll have the studio buy them for me, ha. Cheers. 

Mike Wilkinson's picture

Very interesting. Quite a step up from the world of $1500 DSLRs that shoot stunning video in the right hands. I'm stoked about the crop option, as well as the clean HDMI out, but the negative side of me can't help but think that either of those options would be completely possible in say, a 5Dm3 for not much additional work on Canon's part... they just want us to pay out the arse for it.

Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these in the near future, but that Sony FS700 still looks mighty fine...

Everyone take a deep breath, enjoy the fine technology you have now.
I paid $8000 for a 42" plasma TV in 2002, now I can get the same thing for $1000.
If you really gotta have it, and you're a big player raking in the cash then go for it.

good now leave the future 5dmark iv and all future upgrades to the still photographer... the video in my 5d mark II is fine for what I will ever use it for.. time to upgrade the camera for stills... higher megapixels, faster auto focus.. better dynamic resolution and make me happier 

Darryl's picture

Hey just renumber this is the (MSRP)  manufacturer's suggested retail price.If the competition for 4k is as close as everyone is predicting prices will be lower,Look at the Sony PMW-F3 price now $800 off at B&H, a friend of mine got one for 40% off, Not sure how, but he did.I predict prices dropping for new and older cameras like Sony PMW-F3,5D MKII &MKIII as competition heats up. 

louisleblanc's picture

The 1D C and C300 make for a strange set of cameras at the same price range. On one hand you get 4K video but you're stuck with a photo camera body (heck a full pro SLR...) and on the other hand you get a decent cinema body with appropriate connectivity and ergonomy but just HD video...

Seems like a dilema that shouldn't happen. To me, it seems like Canon screwed up their full frame video camera lineup.

Can anybody explain me why when canon says 22 MP is perfect resolution for full hd (5DMK3) the Canon 1D Cine is going to have 18MP? Is there any logic?

Albert Manduca's picture

You answered your own question. 22 is perfect cus it downsamples to 1080P perfectly. The same thing doesn't apply to the 1D Cine cus its not shooting 1080P, its shooting 4k. 

 is 4K is four times the high definition resolution of 1080p?

Daryl Hunter's picture

I'll be stuck with my 5d ll for quite some time.

Christer Svedle's picture

10-Bit 4:4:4 Recording @ “Half-Raw” 4096×1080 @ 120FPS. Aaaahhh.... Wish I was rich!

Daniel Stepnik's picture

Orrrr, you could buy one and rent it for a few weekends to pay for it

Christer Svedle's picture

Anyone know what that green scale on the optics are for?

great more canon video crap... whats next for the still photographer? nikon? lol