Next Week Will Be Huge for Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Next Week Will Be Huge for Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Fujifilm revolutionized the world of medium format a few years ago by introducing a line of cameras and lenses that offered all the benefits of the larger sensor size at prices that significantly undercut traditional medium format prices and even competed with upper-level full frame prices. The company is showing no sign of stopping, with more cameras and lenses to come next week, along with new X Series gear as well.

Fuji Rumors is reporting that on January 27, we can expect an abundance of new gear from Fujifilm. The most exciting item will be the GFX 100S, which we spoke about a bit recently. The GFX 100S will feature the same sensor as the highly respected GFX 100, but will come in at a lower price and in a smaller form factor (likely without the built-in vertical grip). Rounding out the medium format part of the announcement will be the GF 80mm f/1.7 lens, a stunning wide-aperture lens.

The X Series will also be getting some love. We will likely see the X-E4, an update to the affordable X-E3, as well as the XF 27mm f/2.8 Mark II and the XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6. Rumor has it that a new simulation, Nostalgic Negative, will also make an appearance. 

It looks like next week will be quite exciting for Fuji fans! 

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Huge is a bit of an overstatement. The new GFX is going to be niche. The 27mm is a reissue of a lens that's already being sold (with identical optics). The 70-300mm is interesting -- but it's not too far from the existing 55-200mm. It'll be moderately interesting, but not "huge."

The thing that would breathe life into Fuji would be support from third parties (like the new 17-70mm F2.8 from Tamron).

not really unless the AF is a Sony killer, battery life 500 shots, much better EVF and screen and you can shoot in 16 bit instead of 14. otherwise same camera that was in the pipeline for the last year nothing new!!!!!

Nobody who buys into the Fuji system gives a shit about the games console company.

That's the point: it's the same camera in a more user-friendly package forna much cheaper price. It's a good thing.

there's something much bigger than all of this coming this year as well. Sigma lenses. I think this has the ability to make the Fuji X line up much more interesting!



What is really needed are tilt shift lenses for architectural photographers

The 70-300 is a long time due for the system and early signs are it looks great. I have the original 27mm and won’t be upgrading but that’s a welcome upgrade too, and hopefully a sign that all the mk1 lenses are receiving an update.

I think it’s a shame they didn’t make the sensor bigger on the GFX. That and somewhere around 60mpx with 16bit colour.
That would have been really something.

Is it suffering at the moment due to not being big enough? I’ve never shot with a GFX but I don’t hear people complaining about image quality.


I'll get excited when Fuji brings out some quality primes for nature photographers; as good as the 100-400 is it is not that good; in the meantime I will have to stick with Nikon's delightful 300mm f/4 and 500mm f/5.6

The Nikon 500mm PF is incredibly good but the 300 is not nearly as sharp as the Fuji at 300 f/5. Even stopped down the Nikon 300 doesn't match the Fuji.

I use my gear far more than talk about it and can assure you that the Fuji100-400 is way behind the Nikon 300f/4 I almost every way except zoom capability.

As a life long Canon shooter, I'm actually looking forward to this. "lower price point and the 80mm 1.7 might be pretty damn awesome. Who's that dude over there with the R5 and GFX 100s? Is that even allowed???