PowerPole Accessory Adds Much Needed Battery Life and Reach to the GoPro

PowerPole Accessory Adds Much Needed Battery Life and Reach to the GoPro

Introducing PowerPole, a GoPro accessory with some pretty cool features. The PowerPole is designed to add extended reach for people using GoPro camera systems; a necessity when filming yourself skiing down a mountainside, or surfing through those ten foot waves. That's not all though, the PowerPole also has equipped itself with one much needed feature in the modern GoPro system - battery life.

5400 mAh of battery life in fact, which is equivalent to about 5 GoPro batteries (approximately 8 hours of shooting). And if you've used a GoPro before, you'll know that the battery life on just a standard battery makes the camera system basically useless. Packing all of this in an incredibly lightweight, water-resistant package, the PowerPole extends to 30" from its compact 17.5" package, allowing for exceptional versatility while on location. To top is off, the charging station built in is nothing more than USB, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet and other devices with ease using one of the two USB ports built in.

The PowerPole is currently amidst crowdfunding through Kickstarter, but was able to meet its initial goal of $25,000 with 6 days remaining. However, PowerPole has added some stretch goals at $50,000, allowing you to add phone and GoPro remote mounts to the system, to help increase ease of use. At this point in time, the PowerPole is expected to start shipping in about a month at the price of $119.

For more information about the PowerPole, check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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Looks good buts a shame its not waterproof

I don't know about you, but i think its totally realistic to hold a pole in the air for 8 hours.

I think you seriously underestimate the people who take selfie videos riding rides at theme parks. I saw someone get in line for Gringotts at Universal Studios the other weekend... and the line alone was a 4 hour wait.