Really Right Stuff Releases Improved Mark II Tripods Across Their Lineup

Really Right Stuff Releases Improved Mark II Tripods Across Their Lineup

It’s not every day that Really Right Stuff comes out with a new product. But the wait is over and we now have 17 new Mark II tripods to choose from.

Really Right Stuff is known for their top-tier products sold at top-tier prices. Loyal customers swear by them, however, and there you can start to understand why changing something tried and true hasn’t been a necessity for them. Now, they’ve rounded up a whole bunch of new features and improvements and upgraded everything across the board. The next generation of RRS tripod owners are sure to be delighted.

The RRS Mark II tripods have improved ergonomics, an added weight hook to TVC models, a 1/4"–20 accessory mount, sealed twist lock legs, easier maintenance and removal of twist locks for cleaning, interchangeable feet, and a vented clevis which should mean smoother operation while lengthening and closing the leg sections.

Really Right Stuff tripods are made and assembled in the U.S.A., and earlier this year they began moving their company home from California to Utah in part due to the cost of living faced by their employees.

For more information about the new Mark II tripods, visit the Really Right Stuff website. Pre-orders are now being taken at B&H for all 17 new RRS Mark II tripods where prices range from $500 to $1,160.

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I received my new TVC-24L MK II about 2 weeks ago. I ordered it the first day they changed their info on the website (I had to call because they were not taking internet orders). I tried the version before but returned it because i felt the leg twist lock to be somewhat uncomfortable and the legs' fit to be not as smoothed as I was wanting a 1,000 dollar tripod to feel. Additionally I didn't want to be cleaning out the twist locks all the time because of dirt and water. I use my gear hard and I try not to baby things. Cameras, tripods etc are tools; use them.

Nevertheless, when I saw the improvements RRS seemed to address, ironically, my wants. And while its still insane to buy such a tripod, the improvements justified the cost to me (maybe not my wife). Locks are much smoother, legs side in and out with ease, the lock seals seem to work perfect ( you can really feel the air being pressed out of the legs when your hand is over the vented clevis.

A 1000 bucks is an insane amount of money on a tripod but i can really see this lasting a long time. I haven't taken out on hard hikes yet but it is coming to Iceland with me in the coming weeks to be tested in the wind, rain, sand, gravel, and ocean.

Actually, if you choose right it will last you a lifetime.
I have purchased a number of inexpensive tripods in my day and they all fell short.
Finally I got the heaviest Gitzo and an Arca Swiss head and my tripod shopping days have been over for years.

Robert Nurse's picture

I've had a Gitzo tripod for well over a decade. It's aluminum, and combined the BH-55 head and leveling base, it's heavy as hell. But, I haven't seen the need to replace it. All that to say, RRS makes them to last.

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That's how i felt about getting a Gitzo carbon. Yes it was many times more expensive than my Manfrotto tripod, but it was the equivalent of stepping up from a Toyota tercel (no offense, Toyota), to a high end Mercedes. Fit, finish, and construction was better in every possible way. When people say that the cost of a Gitzo or RRS is too expensive, I tell them it cost more more money going a cheaper route buying an inferior tripod that i eventually ended up replacing with what i should have originally purchased in the first place. And i will say, RRS makes some incredibly beautiful gear.

A vented clevis? Now you're just making up words, LOL.

OK, jokes aside, glad to hear that RRS is doing well!

Personally, I keep my clevis well ventilated. Especially on hot muggy summer days.