RED and Panavision Team Up to Make a Super-Camera

RED and Panavision Team Up to Make a Super-Camera

Is this the camera of the future? Two giants have collaborated to create what could be the dream setup, boasting some incredible specs. 

The Millennium Digital XL will shoot raw 8K footage (up to 75 fps), as well as simultaneously recording a 4K ProRes or DNx proxy. The capabilities of the camera are astonishing on their own; however, it's been created by three companies who concentrated on their best work. RED made the sensor, Panavision worked with the optics, and Light Iron (a subsidiary of Panavision) brought their color science. 

Full List of Specs:

  • Optimized for Panavision's large format sensors
  • 15 stops of dynamic range
  • 60 fps at 8K full frame (8192 x 4320), 75 fps at 8K 2.4:1 (8192 x 3456)
  • 8K raw with simultaneous 4K proxy (ProRes or DNx)
  • Records onto SSDs (up to one hour on a single magazine)
  • .r3d file format
  • Six independent video outputs
  • Wireless focus pulling with Primo 70 lenses
  • Built-in wireless timecode for genlock
  • Two menu screens for the camera op and assistants

What does the footage look like?

Below is a video of testimonials, from Brandon Trost, Mitch Amundsen, and a host of other top cinematographers. The footage looks amazing. Of course, that could be due to the talented DPs using it, but its versatile set of features, its power and its 10-pound weight would surely contribute to the incredible footage.


I think that this camera will be a smash hit, especially for action shoots in tight spaces and on steadicams. Many have complained about RED's less than exciting color science, and as such, this package could be the best we'll see from RED to date! Nobody is replacing their Alexa just yet, but where other camera systems are being used, this could fit nicely into the workflow. It will be available for rental at the start of 2017, so until then, we'll just have to wait and see.

[via Panavision]

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Lee Morris's picture

Anyone wanna take a guess on the price?

Dorin Dragan's picture

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Justin Sharp's picture

In dollars or kidneys?

Deleted Account's picture

16 arms & 32 legs...

Jayson Carey's picture

It's Panavision, so nobody will know the price since they don't sell it. Rentals only.

What Zit Tooya's picture

Rental only, like the Alexa 65.

filmkennedy's picture

Would love to see the footage from this to see how Light Iron tweaked the Color Science and how it holds up to the Alexa 65

Adam T's picture

And everyone will still use the Arri 65