BeeWorks 5 Camera Stabilization Unit and Kinetic Remote Bring New, Intuitive Functionality to Steady Cam Operation

Smooth video is critical for a professional touch on any video shoot. Currently, there are a number of stabilization options from traditional and expensive Steadicam systems to simple weight-balanced gimbal-based rigs like the Steadicam Merlin. Arguably, none do the job more intuitively, however, than the BeeWorks 5 Camera Stabilization and BeeWorks' special sauce, the Kinetic Remote.

BeeWorks really prides itslef on the Kinetic Remote -- the true gem of the BW05 stabilization system. The remote features an external display to show the operator the camera view while giving two handles similar to what a DP would use in some hand-held setups. Lean the unit in one direction, and a built-in computer system automatically smooths your movements as it passes the signal to the receiver on the BeeWorks 5 motorized gimbal.

Everything is wireless, and everything is adjustable. A knob on the unit allows one to dial in exactly when the operator would like the "movement smoothing" to kick in. This gives a perfect customization for exactly the type of hand-held feel the operator prefers, while also providing a balance with responsiveness for any camera in the relatively compact GH4 to Blackmagic Pocket range.

While $3,499 isn't exactly pocket change, what BeeWorks is offering with this system is quite impressive, especially once one sees everything that goes into it in addition to the flexibility it should provide on your shoots. You may want to lock in that price on Kickstarter if you're interested now, as it seems the MSRP will be $4,499 after the Kickstarter deal runs out. Just want the gimbal without the Kinetic Remote? You can get that, too, with a controller and everything starting at $2,740.


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Ken Yee's picture

So remote gimbal control? When would you use this? on a drone or on a crane?