The Spider Monkey is Spider Holster's New Accessory Holder

Spider Holster camera holsters have become really popular among event and wedding photographers because they free up their hands and keeps straps from encumbering movement. Their latest offering unveiled at WPPI Las Vegas is the Spider Monkey, which will hold your accessories like a speedlight in the same handy fashion.

Spider Monkey is a compact yet durable holster clip that easily attaches to any belt or camera bag loop allowing photographers to hang their most-used equipment for quick-draw accessibility. Combined with a series of purpose-built Spider Monkey attachments, the new line offers photographers a new level of workflow flexibility.

The scalable Spider Monkey accessory system eliminates the need for photographers to carry an added shoulder bag by hanging their most oft-used tools right on their belt. The Spider Monkey Base clip and tab are built for long-term use, with the ability to securely hold camera accessories weighing about one pound including flashes, light meters and battery packs. The Spider Monkey Tab attaches to the accessory with a robust adhesive tab (which removes cleanly after use) and an additional Velcro attachment band for ultimate security. The Spider Monkey’s built-in lock enables the user to ensure the accessory is securely hung and ready for quick-draw retrieval, all with one hand.



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Eric Cacioppo's picture

all this is, is an old cell phone belt clip.. you can get them for like 6 bucks on ebay.. just search for 
The Micro Swivel Belt Clip

david d's picture

I purchased several versions of those style cell phone clips and unless they're made from metal or very good plastic, they don't stand up to regular and repeated insertions and removals. The release and the catch just don't hold up to the friction well.

I'm also not very sure I'd trust rubberized velcro wrapped around my SB-900 to keep holding while dangling from the belt clip.

Anonymous's picture

I'm Batman

robsydor's picture


Mike Sly's picture

That would work great for my Nokia 5110 :)

EnticingHavoc's picture

Would I attach my $400 speedlight in such an exposed way at my belt. I guess not. In my opinion this is the most stupid way to carry expensive and fragile equipment.

Zaid's picture

If only the Scratch Protecting Flash Pouch, that came with the Flash, could to be securely attached to your belt. Wait...

This is for event photogs that need their equipment at the ready. Of course you aren't going to hike through the woods or do a local modeling shoot with this. It has it's purpose.

Jernej Lasič's picture

so do pouches.
this is ridiculous.

Andreas Feustel's picture

For events, weddings, etc. I love to use my Shootsac because I usually need at least one more lens to carry around with me and other stuff like batteries, memory cards, etc. For me this is a quite useless gadget I can’t imagine to use.

Blake Weber's picture

Sooooooo lame.