[Updated- It's Back!] Raging 24 Hour Deal: Photoshop CS6 + Lightroom 4 for $389

[Updated- It's Back!] Raging 24 Hour Deal: Photoshop CS6 + Lightroom 4 for $389

If you haven't already upgraded to Lightroom 4 or Photoshop CS6, there is hardly a better time than now. You can grab both programs for the screaming deal of $389. Adobe Photoshop is normally $700 alone, so if this was just a Photoshop sale it would be an insanely good price. Even if you own one of these programs, I'm sure you have a buddy who could use the other.

Don't delay too long, this sale only lasts through August 30!


Grab the program duo for Mac.

Grab the two programs for Windows.

UPDATE: 10 minutes in, looks like you all bought B&H fully out of their stock. Darn! For those of you who were wondering if it was the full version, yes- it was. This was such a successful sale we have to hope B&H will bring it back. Until then, sorry to anyone who missed out!

UPDATE 2: It's back! Get them while they still have stock!

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It looks like these are the full versions, not upgrades.  Am I correct?

Are the Mac versions both full versions?  I own LR2, but do not yet own PS.  Is this PS version only the upgrade or the full version?  Thanks!

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Sold out :/... well that didn't last

There's always the "ahem" versions. :)

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does it support writing in arabic ?

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Real photographers use MSPaint ;-P

Its mean to keep this article up when it sold out almost instantly, take it down!!! :(

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it's back online...get it now!

I hope they bring this offer back as this could be exactly what makes me switch permanently from Aperture 3 which today sadly has a few flaws... I certainly wouldn't switch at the full prices Adobe charges, I spent stacks on early versions and finally said no to more swinging upgrade prices. 

Makes you wonder why Adobe don't just adopt these pricing levels and sell 5 times more.. Or do the big boy Pro's need to have macho prices attached to their software I wonder!

I just contacted the store and they told me it´s backordered and that one needs to wait for the product to be in stock. once in stock they will ship the product but you have to place the order before the 31st to get the discounted price. if you want it you can still have the bundle. :-)  Both are full version. 


wow, that's a great offer...To me it looks like they've still got it for mac? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/889251-REG/Adobe_Photoshop_Lightro... 

Yeah I don't know what these folks are saying when they complain it isn't available for Mac. 

Why don't we ever get offers like this in the UK !?

 You know that they do ship to the UK?

Yeh I saw this for another $130 with taxes still cheaper than UK but still loosing out .
Time to go back into education and then grab the benifits from that

back to 800$ now... 

I think B&H and FStoppers collude to drive traffic to B&H.  These sales are announced at the last minute and are gone almost instantly.  I'll bet many of you linger at B&H and buy something you didn't really need or were thinking of buying anyhow but didn't get around to it.  I did that when the Sandisk CF cards were a steal a while back -- I was too late, but ended up buying another reflector and holder.  Sigh.