What Camera Quirks Annoy You?

Modern cameras are quite capable and powerful machines, but none of them are perfect. Every camera has quirks that we find annoying or would like to change. This interesting video discusses five annoying camera quirks in current cameras. 

Coming to you from DPReview TV, this great video discusses five annoying camera quirks that can be a real bother to deal with. For me, the most annoying thing in a camera is simply a poorly designed menu system or one that does not allow for a lot of customization. As someone who shoots quite a few different genres, I often have to set up my camera almost from scratch a lot of the time, and it can be tremendously annoying and tedious to do so if things are not where I expect them to be or if they do not follow a logical flow. It is even worse if I forget to change a setting and I am struggling to find it during a shoot under a lot of time pressure. At least with custom menus, I can put the most important things where I know I will find them. Check out the video above, and leave your most annoying quirk in the comments. 

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I came across the "if you could have only one camera"question the other day, and I couldn't think of one. Likewise, I cannot think of a single answer to this question.

The better/more experienced I become, the less I care.

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Sure I’ll play.

I hate on my Sony A1 that if I switch between movie and S&Q mode that the shutter speed doesn’t automatically switch to maintain 180°. It’s smart enough to save different settings between photo and video modes, so this should be a no brainer.

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Awkwardness in connecting phones to cameras. There are too many steps. And this includes something that isn't a camera quirk. Instructions. With different steps on different cameras, we need clear to follow instructions from the manufacturers. Better yet, manufacturers should get together and come up with standard procedures for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connections.

Take a noncamera example. For audio, we have speakers, headphones and earbuds that connect with Bluetooth. Turn on the device. Go into connections and choose a new device to pair or tap on a previously paired device. Pretty much it. With a camera, why can't we do that? Then turn on the camera app in the phone and chose remote or upload images. Simple enough.

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OMG I would LOVE a unified camera app. I shoot photos and video, use canon and sony and have more apps than I wish for the same action! Not to mention Specific apps for lights now... UGH.

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How about Not having greyed-out features, just allow you to set them and then tell you what the feature does and can't do.
I agree on universal App for all cameras, especially wifi.

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At the very least you should be able to scroll over a greyed out function and have access to text that explains WHY the function is greyed is out. That would be super nice.

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Agreed. If I can't change a setting because of another setting, don't just tell me that, offer me a one-click followup to change the other setting.

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Only really one feature specific to Sony. When in aperture priority, you can set minimum shutter speed and minimum and maximum iso. If the auto iso reaches the maximum, it should show an underexposed image but the camera will override the minimum shutter and shoot at a lower shutter speed. Other cameras don’t do this.

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How about we stop having to manually set date date and time? Why can’t this be done instantly through a Bluetooth or even wired connection from camera to computer or phone?

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Dunno why you got a downvote for this perfectly reasonable suggestion.

Especially important if you shoot with multiple cameras, or deal with changing time zones!

Gimme BT or the option to sync to an NTP server when connecting the camera to a wireless access point.