Why Are Expensive Cameras Missing These Features?

Top of the line cameras often have some really impressive specs and capabilities, but they also often lack some fairly straightforward features for seemingly strange reasons. Why is that? This great video explores the topic. 

Coming to you from Corridor Crew, this interesting video discusses some of the missing features in many modern top-end cameras and how seemingly strange their absences are, particularly when such features are readily available on many lower-end devices. I really appreciated their perspective on the lack of focus on convenience features. Manufacturers spend a lot of time on marquee features like burst rate, ISO performance, autofocus, and more, and of course, that is for good reason: they matter greatly to photographers and filmmakers, and they are what catch our attention. Nonetheless, most modern cameras are highly capable, and as such, I would love to see manufacturers pay a bit more attention to features that make life more convenient or efficient, such as the addition of Bluetooth for easily monitoring audio or using a phone as a remote shutter trigger (you can currently do this with apps over Wi-Fi, but it tends to be more complicated than necessary). Check out the video above for some great thoughts. 

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I am always hit by feature creep everywhere. I have a Canon RP and I have to look up practically every time in the 9 camera pages on the menu to get to the adjustment I need to do. That is the recording menu. There are two separate menus with more pages If I have not used the feature once in a month or three, it might even slip that I have the feature and I should use it. Of course, if I switch dial modes, some of the features are not compatible, But I forget this, while looking at the on-screen icons.
Here we have pros who need even a smaller subset of features that they deem necessary. Why bitch about it? Set up a tool kit with every device needed for a particular situation. What's wrong with having duplicate mikes, duplicate transmitters already connected in the configuration needed. More than 1 camera with lens already attached.

As a mechanical example, I have a tool kit assembled specifically for repairing small devices. I have another with things to repair cars for example that have some duplicates. Each have the specialised tools that I need. You just pull out the correct kit. I have multiple electronic meters, a plumbing kit, and a woodwork kit. I also have a basic flood control kit that is a few cubic yards of space.I have two ladders and a folding stand to give two feet of added height.

I have more than one camera each with a different lens. More than one tripod.A laser measure. A laser level.A zoom mike, and a SPL meter.A flash and additional lighting and a couple of reflectors and a small lightbox. I don't even use these to make a living.
You have the solutions as an add-on, so get them. It.is not unlike belly aching about the lack of a 32" monitor on your video rig as you run after someone. You can then color correct in the field, by deploying your instant cube to have as a defined environment that is 8 feet on each side. All of this to be powered by a small nuclear powered source. that can give you 10 kW for 5 years, and only weigh 2 kg..
Coming soon at some website.
Feature Creep!

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Funny, they'd mentioned the wireless audio dream before and I decided to test it. Results are here:


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Cini manufacturers are not interested in complete packages, they want to sell up the gyro, focus system, the wireless ect...

Side note. for 3d tracking, you can use an esp8266 with a 9axis accel, and sd card, control it with your phone to write a csv tracking list. it costs about $20 but you'll spend about 2 days soldering it up and programming it.