Will Canon's Big Megapixel Camera Be the EOS-1S?

Will Canon's Big Megapixel Camera Be the EOS-1S?

Some new rumors are floating around as to the proposed specifications of the new 'big megapixel' camera from Canon. We have heard the number 46MP, but we haven't, until now, heard about pricing and naming...

CanonRumors.com reports that the Canon EOS-1S could very well be the name for a new $9000, 46MP camera. So no, this won't exactly be a 'budget' FX camera, especially since it'll come in the full form body.

While CanonRumors does stress that these are just rumors, it also adds that the camera will feature extremely improved ISO performance and that the sensor will include a new technology that will be more or less groundbreaking, "[setting] the stage for sensor development over the next 2-3 years."

Now I'm really curious to see what's up with this camera. Are you?

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eee... not really :)

Nope. But thanks for the info!

Ha and there was me thinking I'd jack in the Mk III and put a few quid toward the new 46 megapixel beast...!

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Well, I was curious. Until you mentioned the price. $9K?

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I've heard it will have eye tracking focus technology. 

I've heard it will have eye tracking focus technology. 

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I think 9K is a little pricey even for professional shooters.

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While I applaud Canon's "technological advancement" in their product line, their price points seem to be advancing just a steadily.

it's starting to get a little annoying that these rumours keep coming out and then a few months later another new camera is announced, Canon made such a fuss of the 1Dx and the 5D mkIII (which I bought and have found amazing) but when pros are parting with a lot of cash for the 'next big improvement' body it's a bit annoying to then here that an even better one is near and that canon aren't completely denying it. How many pros can afford (in the current climate) to just ditch what they've invested in in recent months for yet another body that promises ground breaking advancements and with a 9 grand price tag. Would you part with this much money with the high possibility that there will be a 5D variant with high megapixels announced a few months after or an even better 1D variant. 9 grand is a huge investment but I will not commit that much cash to any camera body when they are being improved on even faster than apple products.

The fanboys feel bad that they do not have a 36mp body and that is all there is to it. 12 rumors a day about bullcrap.

Like there are any jobs I missed or shots that will not sell because I don't have 46mp and super iso.

backlit sensor?

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I think it's a bit of a shocking price since the industry focus of late seems to be "great resolution at a great price" (D800 36MP at less than half price of D3x, D600/6D full frame cameras at $2100). So for Canon to have a $9k camera.. it really would have to be something special. But I think for the higher-end photographers there would be a demand, if they get it right. What do people want that we don't have though?

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If this has 7+ frames per second, I think a lot of pros will squeal like little girls... With that kind of resolution, you could shoot an entire football game from the sidelines with an 85mm lens and crop into the players' eyes in post...

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Unless it's mirror-less, it's not gonna set the stage for much.

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I remember when I was set to purchase my first big DSLR. I chose the D2X over the 1D MkII for 3000 reasons. I am not interested in spending that much money on a camera that will be out of date in 3 years.

It seems people that are wary of the price forget that the idsIII was very close to this price over 3 years ago.  I don't this camera is for 'most consumers'  I think this is for the people who have canon glass and don't want to buy medium format equipment, people who DO shoot for billboards, pro magazine model shoots.  If canon comes out with something that rivals a hasselblad for under $10 it will be a game changer.  Because that sensor tech will trickle down into the 5d(4) range in a few years.  It terms of where to put the money, I think canon is doing it right this way.  Can you imagine the IQ using this sensor but with 30MP 5d4?

I love it when Nikon and Canon keep pushing the envelop - I don't feel the need to buy everything but eventually I know it'll make its way down and we all win.  But who am I kidding, I end up buying all the new stuff anyways - its part of why I love shooting!!!

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hassyand pahe1  watch out. They are coming for you

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Just want to know will it match the high dynamic range of a medium format.

I severely doubt it, Canon aren't exactly renowned for their dynamic range...