Will We See the Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera Soon?

Will We See the Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera Soon?

It has been about 1.5 years since the Nikon Z9 was announced, and the company is about due for another big camera announcement. It looks like that might be happening soon, with activity ramping up behind the scenes. 

Nikon Rumors is reporting that there has been increased activity behind the scenes in the last few weeks, with Asian Nikon dealers being called to a meeting typically reserved for new product briefings and training. The meeting will be happening next month, and while details are scarce at the moment, there is a good chance it is for the Z8, which has been rumored to be launched in the spring of this year for several months now. The Z8 is supposed to be a competitor to Sony's a7R V, which would likely position it as a high-resolution camera with some of the more advanced features of the Z9 but without some of the raw power or the built-in grip, a setup similar to the Sony a1 and a7R V. It has been 2.5 years since the Z 6II was announced, which followed up on the Z 6, itself announced two years prior to that, so I would not be surprised to see a third version announced as well. Hopefully, we'll hear more soon! 

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Depending on what "high resolution" is now supposed to mean, a Z8 could be a sort of decision point for some of us. Because I really do not want 60MP, all it would do is create problems for me. Files would transfer too slowly, my PC wouldn't have the specs for editing. My X6 has 24MP, enough for anything if I fill most of the frame.

My z7 is set to 24mp pretty much all the time.

I'm also worried that camera makers will sacrifice gains in DR and noise in pursuit of higher pixel numbers.

If the Z8 is using the same/very close to the same sensor that is in the A7R5, then there would actually be a tiny increase in DR when compared to the Z7, which is already a tiny bit above the Z9 in DR. That said, if the life cycle of the D850 is still alive and well today since 2017, we can expect a fantastic sensor for years to come with the Z8.

Agree with the decision point. If the new offering is more affordable then the Z9 then I will be tempted. In support of the comment made by another here, if the offered device offers a high pixel count at the expense of more noise, or slower sensor scan speeds, and reduced low-light capability then I'm out too. But having upgraded my PC kit last year to facilitate a fast workflow, a 60mp image wouldn't be a big step. My expectations, however, are that the Z8 will use much of the same guts as the Z9 in a smaller body and maybe with some of the Z9 wiz-bang not available. I can't see them releasing a new model beasty with yet another sensor. Though I'm obviously just guessing like the rest of us.

Everyone has a different requirement. While I have no use for video I do have a use for a high MP still camera. 60MP would be nice, more would be better. Your mileage may vary.

I wonder if people would pay for a firmware upgrade to a Z6II or Z7II to improve the auto-focusing to be closer to the Z9. I might.

Not possible, the hardware limitations and the specific firmware for dual CPUs would make this time consuming and challenging without impacting on other camera functions. The MkII do not have anywhere near the horse power the Z9 CPU has.

I would just love a 24mp Z9. High ISO, low noise for gymnasiums and nighttime stadiums. The sensor of my Z6ii with the brains of a Z9. But I don't think this Z8 is going to be it. Maybe they'll come out with a Z9s eventually or something.

Well, the sensor in the Z6II is the same one from the Z6, so that means it's almost 5 years old. That in the digital age is very old.

Why not set the Z9 to a low megapixel output? My Z7 is set to 24mp for my event shooting. I only use the full resolution of the sensor when I'm doing studio photography.

Not sure why this is so hard for people to figure out. If this is the Z8, we can expect:

A higher MP body than anything currently offered by Nikon.

AF to slot somewhere in between the Z7II and Z9.

More trickle-down tech from the Z9 than trickle-up tech from the Z7II.

The logic:

Nikon anything "8" should signify the ultimate in picture quality; referenced by any D8xxx camera.

Z8 getting a type of AF from the Z9 is equal to the D850 getting a type of AF from the D6.

You all can do whatever you want. I will be utilizing every pixel this beast will have to offer when it arrives, wether the Z8 comes soon or down the road.

I'm hoping for something to fill the chasm between the Z6ii/7ii and the Z9 in regards to video capabilities.

The Z6ii is actually really good for video and I've been pleasantly surprised with what the 8-bit files are capable of but the Z9 is light years ahead and actually one of the best video cameras on the market in it's range. I would love to get a Z9 but the Z6ii is more than capable for almost all of my photo needs so the Z9 is just overkill, and double the weight/size. A Z9 "lite" in a Z6/7 sized body would be amazing - interal 10-bit and potentially internal RAW at lower res/framerates with AF closer to the Z9 would be a game changer