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First time shooting beer

Hi FS! Just joined. My first shot of beer. Starting a beer series this month.

Started with this solo bottle on white. Spritz & slush. Can’t wait to get to pours and glasses next, with more compositions!

Lunchtime delights

Daily we like to sit and enjoy the ocean breeze with a healthy snack. My wife asked if I wanted to capture that moment for her real estate work. Natural lighting with top bounce card. The 40mm lens I’ve enjoyed for my macro was a nice fit for the shot. Constructive feedback welcome.


This was my first real food photography job.
This image is part of a series of images that i made for a cooking book.

Gaining clients

Hello everyone!
I am curious to know the methods you employ in gaining new clients. Perhaps even how you first started out and how those methods have evolved. Hardest parts? Most cost effective?

Shooting a food truck. Any tips?

I have a shoot coming up in a few weeks that will be a trio of firsts for me: first food truck, first food, and first freelance photo gig. Right now, I am mainly looking for any tips or advice for shooting in a food truck. I plan two shoots, one with no customers, focused on the food and kitchen activity, then at the grand opening, with...