Strobes lighting recommendations

I Currently I want to buy Strobe Lighting,
I have a budget of $ 2500
I want something that I can use for some time.
And have some light modifiers and can be used in field without being connected to a wall,
Any recommendations?

Starting in retouching

Trying to get more serious in the retouch business.
Love to retouch, and don't mind spending a couple hours in the computer.

Some CC are welcome, please.
Shoot and retouched by me

Admin, please remove the post if its not related to the group .But would be great if ican get sme feedback

Posted in the Portrait group too. Re posting it here for feedback

My first real try with Skin retouching. I dont have a model to shoot with ,so i just took a shot of myself and retouched the image. Would be glad if could get a feedback . I will try the same retouching process ,if at all i get a model. Until then experiment with myself...