That cute raccoon!

That cute little raccoon is my daughter! I wanted to test my brand new Mark III, and she wanted to show off her costume!
Win Win!

CC the raccoon!

Just need some help. Please.

Hi guys, i am trying to retouch some images but i am having some problems basically the image i edit is the girl with a blue body, the other one is the one i wish i could do similar, but i don't know what more can i do to achieve that, could some one help me please. really need to make this work

Photo Effects Tips

Any Tips on how we can incorporate simple household Kitchen Ingredients into our Photos to tell amazing Stories but still keep the "WOW" in the Photo?
I Have Tried THis, But It Lacks The Right Mood in Expression because of the face manipulation.

My First beauty Shot

Not the kind of photography I usually do , but I like try occasionally other styles and learn new techniques.
Simple lighting, beauty dish as key light and a low intensity back light.

Photography & Retouch : Marcos Domenech
Model & MuaH: Manannikova Polina
Asssistant: Aya Tanaka
Dress: http://...

Woul'd like to get some feedback

I am from germany and began photography two years ago.

A few days back i had a shooting and i've tried myself on some simple beauty/portrait photography.
Now that i have finished one picture, i would like to get some critique in the style of "what i could do better next time".

If you guys will spend some...

Natural beauty

I am finally making serious changes in my life, so I can focus on my photography. I feel like my taste is changing hugely, and I welcome it... the only problem is I want to throw away everything I had shot before :)

This is from yesterday, I should make a blog post about this...

CC for my Frida Kahlo inspired shoot


I am an amateur from Agua Prieta who has started to try out beauty shoots.

In this session we collaborated with a local MUA and Model to get the Frida Kahlo look.

Please let us know what you feel about these images...

Be as tough on us as you wish!


I am back!

Hello friends!

I am finally back home and back to my studio this month. A lot of great things are happening and this fall and winter are going to be intense, but fun!

I have set up a new website to write in a blog:

And I am working on a 10-week Push Challenge newsletter, it's not out yet...

helping to portfolio

Hi guys!
I have some beauty shoots for you.
You can use before&after everywhere, but not for commercial. If you feel it necessary to crop the image, you can do it.
Respect model and MUA don't write on the picture!!! Out of MM credit me - Photographer: Tomasz Ciesielski
If you like my work, I'm allways looking...

Comparison question

Hi there, first post and I'm looking for some feedback. :) I've got an image that I processed normally and another copy where I added a slight color grading. I'm partial to both images for different reasons, but I'm looking for opinions.

Thank you!


Love for Balck & White

Hello friends, Check out my another try. It was really challenging for me because the model has different kind of skin colour in some parts. But the interesting thing about photograph is she has really good skin nice and smooth. but overall I love Black and White Shirt that really suits on her.

Photography : Joshua Rottman

First Timer

Hi everyone,

New here to the site and to Photography in general. I've picked up some few tips and tricks and been practicing on my lovely (and patient) wife. Here's the shot.